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Two Topics by Sarah:Recovering from Abuse and Marriage

For those of you who have ever had the experience of, “No one understands the pain I have been though”, you are pobably right.  But, if anyone comes close to knowing your pain, it would be Sarah.  She has written a book about Avoiding and Escaping Abuse that I recommend you read. 

Sarah says, “I’ve read what your other client bloggers have wrote. I feel their pain– especially the lady who would like to quit. My heart aches for her. She’s probably tired of hearing the “hang on, the light will come” junk and probably could use some to say “yep, your life really, really sucks” and skip with the platitudes.”

Also, she deftly described some ideas on improving every day marital dynamics that she and I had discussed.  Learn from her post: Marital Advice or “How to Stop Being a Nag while Playing Dead!” .  I think she does a better job of teaching the principles than I could.

Let me know if you want me to expand on any of what she discusses.

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