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Addressing Same Sex Attraction in a Useful Way

“Same Sex Attraction”
One of the sneakiest attack features of the “Same Sex Attraction” attack strategy Satan uses on warriors is that it is somehow “different” than the other attacks, like porn, drugs, or alcohol.  Deep, psychological explorations have been done to figure out the origins and complications of such a condition.
I am confident that this over complication is part of the Satanic trick, to get people chasing their tails in an effort to figure out the un-figure-out-able.  As I have interviewed many people with a diversified mix of these issues, I keep finding that they keep boiling down to the same pattern.
We are each born with biological drives and cravings.  I compare these to fire, is fire good or bad? Depends – on if it is under control and being used for good.  This is true with biological drives and cravings.
Sometimes our genetic code is a little off, and we have some imbalance in our drives and cravings.  I am convinced that if Satan was not around, it might take a little work, but we would learn to make the necessary compensations and bring our “fires” under control.
But when we are just learning, I am convinced that Satan is like a Jerk of a big brother, who while watching his little brother learn how to walk, he walks by and pushes little brother over.  He sticks things in front of little brother that make him trip, then blames the fall on the little brother, “Geez, when you gonna learn how to walk?”  Or, “Wow, you are a real mess.”  I am convinced that Satan gets sneakier and sneakier over time so that every time you “fall” while trying to learn how to gain your balance, and control over this energy, he finds new, more subtle ways to trip you and get you to blame yourself. 
Because scientists have such a hard time acknowledging the Satanic factor, they run around in circles for years trying to find some Nature/Nurture explanation for the patterns.
So, with SSA, we start with a young person who is just getting familiar with their “sex energy” (fire).  Sex energy in youth is all over the place, being attracted to and sexually stimulated by just about anything.  Different life events and/or experiences start to shape perceptions and behaviors.  Satan is quick to come in and explain to the youth what they are experiencing.  One of his favorites is “I guess that is just the way you are.”   The Last thing Satan wants is for you to actually believe, “I am a daughter/son of my Father in heaven, who loves me and I love him….”  And in a the more advanced… “there is no limit to my increase if I do the right things. I have faith that this can be overcome. And when I overcome this, I’ll know that I’ll be able to overcome anything that he throws my way. That is why Satan is working on me more than usual. Because I have decided to fight back and fight on the right side instead of being tricked into fighting with him. I can beat him, if he thought I wasn’t getting closer, he wouldn’t resort to such desperate tactics like he has in the past couple weeks. The problem is, I have God on my side. -K.”
Does it bother you that this trick has been used on you?
I invite questions, comments and requests for clarification.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Lindsey M says:

    It's confusing and painful.
    It's even worse to go to Seminary in the mornings and hear the other kids joke about homosexual feelings, how they're disgusting and how they're glad they've never dealt with them. This morning a boy in my class wouldn't stop talking about how gay people are disgusting, how he was proud of abandoning friends who dealt with these feelings.
    I've gone through the rest of today feeling afraid. Wondering if maybe he's right. If maybe I'll walk up to God on Judgement day and He'll cast me off because I had crushes on other girls as a teenager. I know it's just Satan trying to get me hopeless enough to self-injure again, but that doesn't stop it hurting.
    This is why I try to be understanding. I try not to judge because I've got almost seventeen years of experience in being laughed at for something the other person has absolutely no experience with. And I wouldn't wish that rotten, "I'm all alone" sort of feeling on anyone.

  2. Anonymous says:


    It's so confusing for a young buck to not know what to do, or whom to trust. And equally confusing for us other young bucks when someone tells us that! We really need to accept and love people, regardless of their temptations. We do not choose them, they choose us. I've dealt with this for a long time. But now I've come to a blissful state, where it doesn't crush me to dust anymore. My life is peaked with meaning, when I'm not overly stressed by college life.

    Sometimes i wish there were more clear instructions on HOW to love the sinner, but not the sin.

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