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The “Telephone Game” in you Brain

The “Telephone Game” in you Brain

The following is a clip from the Lesson Manual for the 
     I cannot express the urgency I feel about the need to be reading.  It does not take more than a few minutes in a therapy session to identify which clients have been reading for most of their lives and which clients have not. 
                        To get God’s view on reading, remember back to one of the first stories in the Book of Mormon.  How important was it to God that Nephi and his family took with them the Brass plates?  One of God’s most important commandments is, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, but this commandment was broken so Lehi and his family and the generations to follow would have something vital to read.
                        As I have studied what happens to the brain when a person is not reading, it reminds me of the old “telephone game” we played as children.  We would sit in a circle and the one chosen to begin the game would whisper something in the ear of the person sitting next to them.  Then that person would whisper the “same thing” to the person sitting next to them.  And so on and so forth.  You would think that in a room of 10-20 kids, it wouldn’t be hard for them to pass on the quote exactly the same at the end of the row, but we all would laugh at how distorted the words had become.
                        I did not realize this for a very long time, but the same thing happens inside my own mind.  I have an original, powerful thought.  I think, every time I review it, that I am having the same original thought that I began with.  I do not realize over time that I am now trying to make decisions of an idea that is distorted.  I tested this a few times by writing the original, inspired thought on a 3×5 card.  I put the card in my pocket.  I pondered the idea off and on for the next 24 hours.  Before reviewing the card the next morning, I tried to quote what was on the card.  I was flabbergasted when I compared the two and found them to be very different.  Ever since then, when I really need to lock an inspired principle into my head, I put it on a card and review it several times per day.  Saves the trouble of getting it wrong.
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