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Extending Outreach

Extending Outreach Would you like to help increase our ability to reach out to those in pain? It has been brought to my attention that there are some men and women who want to help, but feel powerless to do so.  They have become aware of the power of the Sons of Helaman program to successfully train young men to overcome unwanted patterns of sexual misbehavior and the emotional pains that come with such afflictions.  Often, this is because a father or a mother has had a need in their own home.  Occasionally, it is because they fear Satan will use such an attack on their children or grand children in the near future. I have recently met several men and women who would really like to join the fight, but lack time and/or skill to help with the work it takes to reach out to the young men and their families that are currently in the midst of the battle.  These men and women find that they have more money than they have time. We have worked hard to stay financially sound at Sons of Helaman headquarters, and we are still succeeding in this goal.  It is our policy to not spend money that we do not have.  This has been a wise approach that has kept us functional since our origin 7 years ago.  Frustratingly, our Outreach staff are the first to be limited in their income when funds are limited.  This means efforts to reach out to the community are stymied.  A questions has been asked, "Why didn't we hear about Sons of Helaman sooner?"  Extending Outreach can help solve this problem. With all humility and reverence, we now invite members of the community to financially donate toward Extending Outreach.  All donated funds will go toward reaching out to the young man who is in deep agony and his family. We are willing to be 100% accountable to how every penny you donate is used.  Whether it be $10's or $10,000's, you are welcome to discuss with me exactly how you want the money used, and how much public awareness be made about your donation. Please call me directly at 801-635-6474, or
Email me privately at, or
Text a "$" sign to 8016356474 and I will give you a call back. Forever your Servant,
Maurice Harker

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