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“I Need Help, But I am Afraid”

“I Need Help, But I am Afraid”

We all have behaviors that we are not proud of.  We call these “lost battles”.  When you want, with all of your heart, to be a good person that does good things, it is confusing and depressing to keep loosing battles.   And it can become embarrassing if your “lost battles” if are of a serious nature.  So, here is what I recommend you do.

1- If your “lost battles” are keeping you from happiness and progress go to #2.  If not, share this page with all your friends, because we know at least of of them is going to need it.
2- Try to win your battles by yourself by studying more about how to do so.  Request a copy of the book, “Like Dragons Did They Fight“, by texting “book” to 8016356474 or emailing “book” to  Read lots of free articles in the blog  If what you learn on your own is not enough, move on to #3.
3- Maintain confidentiality and keep cost to a minimum by enrolling in on-line, email based training.  If you are single, email “SofM” to  If you are married, email “MofM” to  If this is not enough, move to #4.
4- Do whatever it takes to win by enrolling in in-person training.  Sons of Helaman is the best program available and there could be a team that meets near you.  Just email “SofH” to and we will get you started.

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