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Mothers of the Sons of Helaman – coming together!

Mothers of the Sons of Helaman

“Mothers of the Sons of Helaman” is a team of LDS women who have banded together to fight for the souls and futures of their sons.  These women sense that their sons are among the final Noble and Great Ones.  These women are watching The Serpent coil around their sons in an effort to squeeze the light out of them.  These women are prepared to fight.  Mothers of the Sons of Helaman puts these women shoulder to shoulder to strengthen and empower them to use the power of God and the atonement to win this war!  You are invited to join them…free.

This Sisterhood collaborates using a confidential email group.  
Join “Mothers of the Sons of Helaman” 
by emailing 
or text “MofSofH” to 8016356474.
( MofSofH is always free! 🙂 )
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-If you would like more information before your join, go to our

 “Mothers Who Know”

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 Karen Broadhead, is the leader of the Mothers of the Sons of Helaman.  She is very dedicated to this war as she has had to fight for her 3 sons.  She is happy to take your call and answer any questions or concerns you might have: call 8014996819 or email

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-If you live near Layton, Utah and would like to meet in person with other mothers, contact Sarah Slade: or text/call 801-660-7009.  This support group is free.  They meet Thursday nights from 8-9pm.

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-If your son already has patterns of unwanted behavior, you will first want to read:
by Maurice W. Harker,
Director and Originator
of the Sons of Helaman

For your own copy (paperback or pdf)
email or text “Like Dragons” to or 8016356474

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-If your son who is or may be delayed from serving a mission due to these issues, you will want details on…

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-If you want your son to have our most intense training available, read about
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-If your son might be resistant meeting in person with other people, and he likes to carry his phone with him everywhere he goes, we do have a powerful training system.  Read up on

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As a final note, an unfortunate experience many of you mothers might be having is that your husband also has similar issues.  For training on how to deal having a spouse with such issues check out the WORTH GROUP.  Give Jennifer Johnson a call if you want to discuss your situation.  8015106997

3 Responses so far.

  1. I have needed some help for months!!!!! Thanks, I will try to be there.

  2. Heidi Z says:

    As a mother of 4 boys all 12 and up, I wish I could be there. But I live in Pennsylvania and cannot get to Layton very often. Will you be posting discussions on line (discussion board, blog, etc?) I could really use this.

  3. Yes, we have an email based forum where we converse about many of the topics you may be concerned about. Just send us an email to requesting to be part of the MofSofH group and we will get you connected. Also, be sure to request a copy of the training book, "Like Dragons Did They Fight".

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