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Fighting Gaming Addictions

Eternal Warriors

Is your son’s/husband’s attachment to video games driving you nuts?  Is he neglecting school, relationships, employment, and/or responsibilities in order to play?  Does he get extremely unpleasant whenever you try to set limits or express your concerns?  Are you sick of fighting about it?  Would you like some help with this one?

Sons of Helaman: Eternal Warriors is now providing training for gamers.  This training group will use the principles of addiction fighting used by the original Sons of Helaman program.  It will be supervised by our Director, Maurice Harker, but in order to decrease cost for you and your family, it will be lead by one of our Certified Eternal Warriors Coaches.  (See bottom of this post for details.)  But first let me explain to you why gaming has become such a strong distraction for men and boys.

Why are games so attractive to young men?

I have studied this for some time now and am, again, amazed at Satan’s intelligent strategies.  As usual, he takes something good and distorts it.  As described by President Kimball, Satan is very patient and persistent with his strategies.  His drive to take out the leaders of the final generation is insatiable.  With gaming, I see Satan working with the developers of games to take advantage of an idea that I believe came from Winston Churchill, “The only thing evil needs in order to win, is for good to do nothing.”

The Proclamation on the Family tells us that men are designed to Preside, Provide and Protect.  In more modern (adolescent) terms, these words can be translated to mean, Lead, Build and Fight.  If you haven’t noticed, almost all video games that target young men revolve around the themes of Leading, Building and Fighting.

To help motivate men to lead, build and fight, I am convinced that God has installed a positive feedback loop within men for when they act upon these types of behaviors, especially when successful.  The sensation of happiness is associated with a set of chemical shifts that give our bodies sensations that are enjoyable and motivate us to experience over and over again.  I am confident that Satan finally resigned himself to the idea that this drive in men is almost unstoppable.  So, the idea Satan came up with, to create an artificial world where young men can lead, build and fight, so they don’t lead, build and fight in the real world, is absolutely genius!

So, when a young (or not so young) man spends time leading, building and fighting in the artificial world, their minds don’t know the difference, it releases chemicals that reinforce the experience and give them the real sensation of happiness and success.  It is much harder and takes quite a bit longer to lead, build and fight in the real world.  It confuses the young man when his parents do not support him in such glorious activities.  How can any parent be disappointed in a son who just spent the last 4 hours leading his men into battle, conquering enemies that are a threat to his loved ones, and building a whole city for his friends and family to live in!?!?

Even more confusing for many of these young men is when they hit the serious dating stage.  In their minds, they feel like they have spent the last several years working hard to lead, build and fight.  As they move toward choosing a spouse, they do so with great confidence, for how can a woman resist a man with such a long history of world changing success?  It confuses him when the woman asks questions like, “Where are the men you have lead?  Where are the cities you have built?  Where are the enemies you have fought?”  He is excited to show her his memory card!  Why doesn’t she share his excitement?  (In some cases, I have actually had young men say that the most important characteristic they are looking for in a wife is that she will support him in his gaming.)

Sons of Helaman: Eternal Warriors for Gamers will train your young men to harness the energy that is going into the artificial world, and transfer it into the real world.  The young warrior will learn and demonstrate the ability to Preside, Provide and Protect in the real world.

This program is available in 2 forms.  There is an on-line group available through webinar for where ever you are in the world.  Also, there is a phone app based training group that is available.  The group leader will give you a full orientation.

Individual Therapy for these issues is usually at least $50/hour.  We have found a way to train your loved ones for at least 1/4 the cost of individual therapy.

$50 for Eternal Warriors starter kit
$25/week (2hrs) until achieve 12 perfect weeks

Give us a call: 877-HERO-877 or email or click HERE for details.

Your servant,


12 Responses so far.

  1. Heather says:

    Is there anything for adult gamers? My husband is addicted to gaming.

    • Yes, the same system works very well for men (women) of all ages. Text me "husband gamer" to 8016356474 and I will help you make a plan. If he is not concerned about gaming too much, then we have a whole new problem. -Maurice

    • Anonymous says:

      Heather, I have the same problem! I'm very frustrated! Would you like to talk? Maybe we can support each other through these trials. 🙂

  2. Pixie says:

    I was forwarded this from my brother. My husband is an addicted gamer and it has created such a sore spot in our marriage.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think this is a great idea however my youngest son, who I know s addicted to gaming, lives with his mom and step father 90% of the time and I only see every other weekend. When he comes to my house I do try to set limits and more often than not we find other things to do, however when he goes back to his mother he is allowed to do whatever and if he doesn't get his way he acts out. I talk to him about his behavior every chance I get but his mother doesn't allow me to help. I'm not allowed to step in the way I know I need to. If I try I am threatened with the court system. I feel like my hands are severely tied but I do what I can when I can. I have an older boy that was addicted to gaming but as he got older his interested did shift somewhat. He still plays games but not as much as he used to.

  4. Britt Kelly says:

    This is a fascinating article! It's a good reminder to inspire and allow our sons to lead, build and fight in real life! That is a great experience! That way they won't seek artificial opportunities.

  5. Video Gamers class is starting!! Please go to to sign up!! The mentor is Mark Broadhead. Hurry, Hurry and sign up today!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I work with the Young Women in my ward and have noticed a definite problem with this addiction. How effective can our leaders be when the problem is not being addressed at home?

  7. Nicole Budge says:

    Dopamine deficits can also drive addictive behaviors. With video games and cigarettes, the release of extra dopamine in the brain is very rapid. A combined approach with medication to increase depleted dopamine levels and therapy has been proven to be the most successful. (Mother of 5 kids-1 Aspergers, 1 ADHD, 1 Tourette's, 1-schizophrenia). We also recently discovered my husband and I carry a genetic propensity for depleted levels of useable folate. This deficit is present in 10% of the caucasian population and in 20% of the hispanic population. If there is a hx of depression, addiction combined with family history of clotting disorders, diabetes, heart issues, than a person should be screened for this particular deficiency. It is called MTHFR and the antidote is a simple vitamin called L-methylfolate. Unfortunately, over the years, our children with these biochemical problems have been admonished by YW leaders in two states to try "exorcism" or other outlandish therapies to treat our children. I am an RN and my husband practices pediatrics. Without our medical background who knows if we would have resorted to unusual therapies for a cure. I am NOT saying this type of therapy would not be helpful for addictive behavior, but science supports a medicinal and therapy-based approach for addictions.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The mission president where I live has said this is a real problem. Many elders show up so into gaming that it take 6 months before they overcome the withdrawl. During that time the Elder's growth and skills are held back and they don't reach the potential they have. Want to help your kids prepare for a mission? Put hard limits on video gaming.

  9. Garn says:

    How do I become a Certified Eternal Warriors Coach?

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