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New Book on Healthy and Healing Relationships

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New Book on Healthy and Healing Relationships

As I pondered which book to write next, I remembered all the pain I observe in my office with couples who are struggling.  This book is about healthy and healing relationships.  It is called:

Early in my training, I came across a wonderful book published back in 1967 called, “I’m OK, You’re Ok”, by Thomas A. Harris, MD; an amazing piece of work.  The further I got into my work as a clinician and student of human psychology and eternal principles, the more I found a need for a book based on this new title.  You see, a lot of people these days are not feeling okay.  No matter how hard they try, they are feeling like they cannot keep up.  They feel like they can’t meet their spouses needs, and that their spouse doesn’t meet their needs.  They make mistakes and accidentally (or on purpose) hurt their spouse.

People come to me because they have already worked very hard to find answers in all the self help books, but still have not found what is wrong and how to fix it. They feel like their relationship may have a terminal diagnosis, and it is just a matter of time before it dies.  They feel as if it is going to take a miracle to fix their relationship.

This book is a compilation of concepts I use in relationship therapy with miraculous results.  It goes beyond the modern science of relationship psychology and will show you how Eternal Principles and Divine Power can be used to heal a relationship as Christ healed individuals who were near death in the New Testament.  This book bridges the gap between principles taught by prophets and the valiant efforts of scientists.

This book is currently only available in eBook form.  Once it goes to print, if you have already purchased the eBook, you will be able to get the paperback version for half price, if you would like. So, to begin reading CLICK HERE  .

I hope that this work will help to decrease the pain many of you are experiencing without increasing the pain of your pocketbook.

Your servant,

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