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Programs offered by Life Changing Services

Programs offered by 
Life Changing Services
Maurice W. Harker, LPC, Director
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-For young men (14-26) who need training to escape the bondage of sexual addiction.
Text Coaching
-For those fighting any type of hard-to-stop unwanted behavior.  
Effective long-distance.
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Eternal Warriors
-Addiction Prevention Training – learn to train those you love to be ready to win!
(call 877-HERO-877 or text “4myson” to 91011)
Men of Moroni
-Training Course for Adult/Married Men fighting addictive/compulsive behaviors.
(Click HERE)
Sons of Mosiah
-A version of the Sons of Helaman program designed specifically for those who live too far away to attend Sons of Helaman meetings or are on missions. Email based.
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And for the women…
Daughters of Light
-For young women who need the confidence to fight for their morals and values.
Sisters of Promise
-For young women fighting unwanted sexual addiction 
(pornography, masturbation, immorality)
(call 801-510-6997)
-For the women who need help to recover from their husband’s misbehaviors.

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  1. This all looks and sounds amazing! Are all these programs Non-profit?

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