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Some Important Secrets of Happiness

Some Important Secrets of Happiness
(The following is my notes for a presentation I am doing today at the Weber State University Institute building.  You will find much more additional information by reading many of the other hundreds of articles I have written on this web site.  Enjoy!)

Click HERE for audio of this presentation.

First, let’s look at what doesn’t work…
-Make plans based on other people changing…”I would be happier if he/she would just…”
-Waiting for something in the future…”I will be happy when…”
-Assumptive Comparisons…”They are happier than I am because…”
-Losing confidence in God and Eternal principles…”Since you aren’t making me happy, I am going to…”  (Impatience, distrust)
-Use things/activities other than Divine energy to gain “fulfillment”.

Happiness not = life experience/situation.  Too many examples contradict each other.  Married/Not Married, Kids/No Kids, Big Business/Failed Business, Not enough friends/too many friends.

The Sensation of Happiness = control of brain chemistry  = intentional thought stimulation.

Rats in cage. Flipping lever.  Using intentional thoughts to flip the lever.

Slight difference: Happy feelings are like the fruit of a plant.  Comes 3 months after planted if seed is a good seed, it is nurtured and protected, weeds are pulled.  (Can’t ask, “What can I do today to be happy today.”  Doesn’t work.  Happy today = 3 months (a season) of work.)

Adams and eve…no longer good things grow on accident…planted, nurtured, pull weeds.

Unhappiness = weeds/thoughts that grow into feelings/chemical reactions.
-Consider the Parable includes a bad guy throwing bad/ seeds into the garden when you are not looking.
-How involved can Satan get?

Okay, how do we stimulate happiness?

Joseph Smith, Lectures on Faith (3:2-5)
1-Believe there is a God, and that this life has meaning
2-Accurate understanding of God’s personality, expectations (when is he pleased, when is he not)
3-Knowledge that the life you are pursuing is according to God’s will. (Hold your life in proper perspective.)  “This is my beloved son/daughter, in whom I am well pleased.”

To help with Step 2:
-“This is life eternal, that they might know him”
   – Read and re-read everything you can about Him
   – Write letters to Him
   – Mirror His (his son’s) thought processes

To help with Step 3:
-Think, Be, Do as closely to what you learn from Step 2 as you can.
   -Flipping chemical switches, planting seeds,
-At the end of each day, ask, “Are You Pleased?”
   -Knowing you are on track
   -Knowing you are making the best of a situation
   -Being aware of what you have, gratitude

Extra ideas if there is time:
-For Men
   -Preside – Lead
   -Provide – Build
   -Protect – Fight

-For Women
   -Nurture – Encourage growth

-Grief is not Depression:  The Grief Cycle, Maurice Style

-Sin based Thrill, Fun or Reality avoidance do not produce happiness

-4 levels of development:
Maslow’s pyramid, self actualization, is still not Celestial Interdependence

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