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From the Wife-to-Be of a Sons of Helaman Warrior

From a Wife-to-Be of a Sons of Helaman Warrior

I received the following from a young adult woman who is engaged to one of the graduates (Generals) of our Sons of Helaman program.  (In case you are wondering what the young men are learning from our trainings.)

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your efforts towards this wonderful program. Thank you for taking the time to understand and study addictions that are so hard and sensitive to the emotions in a lot of ways.  I am soon marrying ———- in the Salt Lake temple for time and all eternity in August. Thank you for giving this wonderful Son of God hope, comfort, and the knowledge of how to overcome things that Satan had convinced him he could not. Thank you for seeing his potential and helping him understand that his Heavenly Father was and is still supporting him, gently encouraging him to change and become whole again. Showing him that his Savior is there to help him. Helping him find valiant heroes to model his life around from The Book of Mormon. Thank you for helping him realize that he is not alone. He now can reach out to others and strengthen them because he has walked that lonely path and understands that you are not the only one fighting for truth and righteousness in a chaotic world. You taught him tactics that changed his life, my life, and our families lives forever and counseled him in moments of distress. He is a man full of honor and virtue and has become my personal warrior and defender and most of all my hero. You taught him to defend and protect women. He goes above and beyond to do that. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to shine his light, a light full of righteous power that cannot be hid.

May you be blessed for all you have done.

Full of gratitude,

– – – – – – – – – -“

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