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Sharpening your Scope for the Next Battle

Sharpening your Scope for the Next Battle

[Much of the terminology in this post comes from the book
Like Dragons Did They Fight.
Click HERE to get your copy of the book.]
We use Question 6: “What will the enemy try in the future?  What will you do to be prepared for such an attack?” to avoid any surprises coming in the future.  As I listen to the warriors I work with, they are going a pretty good job with this question, but it could use some fine tuning.
Remember, in order to read the future correctly, it is going to require inspiration for one who can actually see the future.  A simple one sentence prayer can be enough, “Father, please be with me as I prepare for the future.”
Step 2, Guess. Guessing with the Spirit is a version of Pondering.  Most of you do this pretty well with generalities, but today I want to encourage you to push yourselves to being more specific.  
Once a day, as part of your Border Patrol, walk through each hour of the up coming 24 hours.  Have some type of calendar/planner in front of you while you do this.  Notice that most of the time you are in a position where it is unlikely that you will have a lost battle.  Then pay close attention to the times and locations of highest vulnerability.  I am confident, that if you push yourself, you can identify the exact location and time (within 15 minutes) of the next attack!  You will find a little light going off in your head.  “Oh, there it is!”
Once you have done this, put a star on that moment on your calendar.  This will help you “Book Mark” it for when the time comes.  Some warriors even set an alarm on their phones to help them remember to be in fighting mode at this time.
The next step is often over – looked as well.  Make a plan for how you are going to win in that moment.  Write it down.  Doesn’t have to be full sentences, just some “Notes to Self”.  
Then practice through emotional visualization noticing the attack and winning the attack.  It doesn’t hurt to do an actual walk-through as a military instructor or sports coach would have you do.
Fellow warriors.  You need not lose battles in this sniper war.  Those who report success with this weapon find it only takes about 60 seconds per day.  Please take the time to keep yourself and your family ready and sharp!
Your Fellow Warrior,

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