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Scholarships for Services

Scholarships for Services

As you might have already guessed, there are families
affected by pornography addiction who cannot afford the needed therapeutic
treatment.  Hart for Healing is a
non-profit organization dedicated to gathering funds for scholarships for those
who cannot pay for themselves.   If you
have found value in the services provided by Life Changing Services (Sons of
Helaman, Men of Moroni, the WORTH Group, etc.), please help.  Whether its $5 a month or $500 per week, your
contributions can make a difference for another family experiencing the pain
you can relate to
Scholarships are granted in the following priority:
  1. –         
    of those with on-going Addictions –
    you probably already know that women
    usually get the brunt of the pain, but we find they have the least amount of
    financial resources because most of the family money goes to helping the
    husband recover from his addiction.
  2. –         
    and Daughters
    with Addictions –
    we hope to train them before they start
    their families so they and their future spouses will not be burdened by such
  3. –         
    with Addictions –
    it’s never too late to empower a man to win his battles
    and protect his family

Anonymously send your donations by pressing the Donate
button HERE 
If you are in need of a scholarship,
fill in the very short form HERE. 

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