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The W-O-R-T-H Group: Women of Rebirth: Therapeutic Healing

The W-O-R-T-H Group
Women of Rebirth: Therapeutic Healing
“Usually a woman can recover from the emotional injuries she has experienced in a difficult marriage on her own.  But there are times when she thirsts to learn from the life experience of others who are also striving to be healed from similar pain.  Guided by LDS specialist clinicians, women are coming together to find viable eternal principles in an effort to rebuild their families if possible and to rediscover their own Divine…
1. Free Weekly On-line Webinar-style group.  Join many other women who, unfortunately, have “been there, done that.”  Led by Specialist Jennifer Johnson and Directed by Maurice Harker, this group openly applies LDS principles at a therapeutic level to help women stabilize and recover from the pain of marital misfortune.  These are currently held several times each week.  Contact Jennifer Johnson for specific times and log-in information.
2. Free Weekly in-person 2-hour intensive session.  Every Monday or Thursday night, if you can make it to Farmington, Utah, join this powerful and productive healing experience.  Limited to only 8 women per session, the WORTH clinical team will help clean out the wounds of pain and initiate the healing process.  By combining Spiritual principles with scientific interventions, many women have returned to difficult situations sufficiently empowered to handle the challenging and complicated decisions ahead of them.  Limited seating per session.  Contact Jennifer soon to save a seat this week.
-Both of these services are free because of the donations from the Men of Moroni group, our program for adult men who are working through these issues.  For more information on these services email Jennifer at or call/text 801-510-6997.

-Read, “I’m Not Okay, You’re Not Okay, and That’s Okay”,


relationship improvement book

by Maurice W. Harker.

– – – – – – – – –

Some men are seriously ready to repair the damage to their marriages,

but they are not sure how.  They are willing to pay the cost of therapy,

but would like to be financially conscientious.  They live all over the country.


The Men’s Marriage Repair Webinar Workshop



5 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    How amazing to have a completely free group to help women navigate such a difficult time! I wish that when my husband and I were battling through this, that I had somewhere to turn to not feel so alone. Many women will never spend family money on themselves for help and it is so very needed! I am beyond grateful I had my Savior to turn to and that my husband and I are this far down the road to recovery. But what a blessing for these women to have others help them see their worth and see the help they can individually receive from their Savior and the atonement regardless of the path their spouse ultimately takes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am grateful to see that sisters are being recognized to their worth, in intent, by this site!

    However, with all due respect, I do not at all feel that the quote above "most women can recover on their own [from the effects of a husband's addiction] is accurate. I sincerely do not mean to demean or belittle any, including the years of therapeutic experience or the help being offered by this site.

    Is there opportunity to get to know the Savior, to become more like Him as a wife of one choosing addiction? You bet!

    But the isolation that can go on for years, even though there are visits from visiting teachers, even though there are brief polite, yet terribly superficial conversations for those in the midst of assisting their husband's recovery, in between meetings at church by kind fellowshipping members who may ask how as sister's family is doing

    …the isolation coupled with misuse of her trust and gift of a body are documented to cause PTSD. So this really is much more serious then for both husband AND wife.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree. After years of sexual and emotional abuse I got so tired of the loneliness and rejection. I got so tired of the only answer being what can you do to help him with his addiction instead of How can we help you recover from such abuse and betrayal? I finally just gave in and let him do what he wants to me and don't ask questions. I drink to get through it. I wish I believe there was another way out.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am so sorry for your pain! Please reach out to the WORTH group. I know Jennifer Johnson and she is an amazing friend and champion for women. She will not judge you, she will love you right where you are. She has a gift for helping women heal from what seems impossible.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am a new member to the WORTH group. It has been hugely instrumental in my healing from my husband's pornography addiction. He is not in recovery, but I can move forward and work on ME. The sisterhood we have in WORTH is incredible. I highly recommend this group to anyone who needs support! Just being able to share your story and hear what others are going through is awesome for me, since I have kept my husband's addiction a secret in the past. Get the help you need!

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