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Here is a breakdown of the six Questions you are going to get and what your coach is looking for in the answers (More detail can be found in the book, Like Dragons Did They Fight):

1. “Why are you fighting? Why don’t you just give up?” With this question, reply with why you are fighting to get the unwanted behavior(s) out of your life. You need to be reminded at least once a day as well. Answers can be the same or different every day, it doesn’t matter, just answer.

2. “How did you win your most recent difficult battle?” “What have you been doing right when you win?” With this question, you will assess the correct things you have done in order to reinforce those positive habits.

3. “Are you keeping a daily calendar?” “What day are you on now?” “Do you think about this when Mr. M or Mr. P is knocking at the door?” Post the number of days in a row you have succeeded against your addiction. Put an “X” on days that are not-so-perfect and a  on days that you succeed against your addiction.

4. “What are you doing for Border Patrol activities? Do you have meaningful rituals in place? Are they sufficient? What is your Flag Pole? Have you drilled running to it 3 times today? What is your Passion Project? How is your Border Patrol system different from those with more than 8 weeks?” The flagpole idea comes from when children practice running to a flagpole at school when there is a fire. You need to create a version of a flagpole to run to when there’s a “fire” (AKA temptation) and drill running to it until it becomes second nature. Beginners usually start with the mailbox out in front of the house.

5. “When you lost, what technique did the enemy use to defeat you? Is there a pattern? If you could replay the event, what could you have done to beat him? What drills can you do to make sure you win next time if he tries something similar?” Be sure to post a Q5 (description found in your handbook) after any close calls or lost battles. If you lose a battle, it is highly important to review what happened within 24 hours to see where the mistakes were made.

6. “Prophesy. What strategy will Satan try in the next week? What do you need to do to be prepared for such an attack?” Identify the most likely hour each day that you are most vulnerable. Be specific in your fight strategies. Decide now whether or not you will win and how.

Please note: One of the biggest complaints from those starting our coaching programs is that “it’s too repetitive”. Please keep in mind that this is an essential purpose of this program. Like anything worth getting good at (like sports, music, etc) you will need to do drills over and over and over and over again. Responding to these questions every day will train your brain to overcome this addiction just like a musician practices the same piece over and over again until it becomes perfect. Let the group know if you have any questions.