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In the Sons of Mosiah group, you will participate in an online discussion with a Sons of Mosiah Coach, missionaries currently in the mission field, young men preparing to enter the mission field, and recently released missionaries all of whom are struggling with unwanted patterns of sexual misbehaviors.

Your Starter kit will include:

  1. a Paperback copy of “Like Dragons Did They Fight” by Director Maurice Harker
  2. a Sons of Mosiah MAN PoWeR Battle Journal
  3. a one hour DVD/CD of training principles
  4. unlimited access to all audio/video training recordings

In order for the training to be effective, you will need to quickly read the book entitled Like Dragons Did They Fight. You will need to gain an understanding of and learn to live by the principles in this book in order to be successful in defeating the enemy. This is the classroom part of your training. Sons of Mosiah training is for the advanced warrior, so you will need to follow through on this reading mostly on your own.

Next, you must respond online to the emailed questions posed by the Coach. This is the practice field portion of your training. Most of the questions that will be raised by the coach can be found in the Captain’s Log section of the book Like Dragons Did They Fight, and from the Sons of Mosiah MAN PoWeR Journal. You will need to work hard on your journal every day and engage in the group discussions frequently in order to strengthen yourself and your fellow warriors.

Each Sons of Mosiah group is moderated by a trained Sons of Mosiah Coach who leads the participants along the path of recovery by first posting questions that are scientifically designed to sharpen your mind toward conquering unwanted behaviors. You are to reply to each set of questions. The coach will review your answers, and if he discerns that your fighting efforts are on course, his posts to you and the group will be brief and supportive. If errors are observed in your fighting methods, the coach will make comments and suggest corrections based on what is needed. All the other warriors are invited to comment on each other’s comments. A clinical therapist (usually Maurice Harker), will watch over what is happening in each confidential email group and will participate from time to time.

Use your MAN PoWeR Battle Journal every day. At first this effort may seem meaningless and annoying, but “by small and simple things, are great things brought to pass.” As part of your journal use, report to the online group 2 numbers every day: one for the # of consecutive days free of sexual misbehavior, and one for the # of consecutive days accomplishing all MAN PWR goals. In the MAN PoWeR journal you will record your responses to questions every day. You will write letters to God. When necessary, you will also do a Lost Battle Analysis (also known as a Q5 analysis) in the “Lost Battle Analysis” section of the journal – if you have a lost battle or have had a close call. As soon as you get your MAN PWR journal, work through page 8. Ask the group questions through emails if you don’t understand something.

Graduation from Sons of Mosiah is accomplished when the warrior reaches 12 weeks (84 consecutive days) without a lost battle and at least 28 consecutive perfect MAN PoWeR days. After graduation, you can continue to participate for free as long as you keep winning!

This training system has been found to be very powerful for those who participate as instructed. The brotherhood develops into long term friendships. Your confidence and ability to use the power of the Holy Spirit will grow in miraculous degrees. You have been under Satan’s foot for too long now. It is time, Brethren. Let’s do this!