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Sons of Helaman is a therapeutic training program for young men.  By joining psychology-based practices with gospel-centered principles young men learn to overcome pornography challenges and other unwanted sexual self-mastery behaviors. 
Young men meet weekly in therapeutic training groups run by a licensed therapist. 

Both in-person and online groups available. 

Men of Moroni is a therapeutic addiction recovery program for men to overcome pornography challenges and other unwanted sexual behaviors. The program combines modern psychological tools and strategies with gospel-centered principles. 

A weekly group meeting is led by a therapist or mentor to help men overcome pornography addiction or any other unwanted sexual behaviors. 

Both in-person and online groups available.

Daughters of Light is a therapeutic healing and skill based group program for young women ages 13-18 who are challenged with low self-worth, anxiety, depression, sexual misbehavior including pornography, self-harming or other unhealthy behaviors. 

Parent training and support is provided.

Both in-person and online groups available.

Warrior Women of Light is a therapeutic healing and skill based group program for women of all ages who are challenged with low self-worth, anxiety, depression, self-harming, sexual misbehaviors including pornography, or other unhealthy behaviors.

Weekly group meetings are run by a licensed therapist.

Online groups available.

WORTH = Women of Rebirth – Therapeutic Healing

Free, gospel-centered therapeutic support groups for married and divorcing women experiencing betrayal trauma due to a spouse’s (current or past) pornography use, sexual addiction and/or sexual acting out.

Worth teaches tools such as self-care, boundaries and honoring emotions through guided discussion support groups. Worth groups are based on principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Mothers Who Know is a Christ-centered team of mothers who provide SUPPORT, CONNECTION, TRAINING, and HOPE when their children battle pornography or other challenging issues.

It is a weekly online FREE support program for all mothers, you do not need to have a loved one in a Life Changing Services program to participate.  All are welcome.

Mothers support each other on their individual journeys, honor where they are at, and learn from those that have been down a similar path. Includes twice a month Q&A visits from a licensed therapist.

Eternal Warriors is a self-mastery and prevention program for those who have something in their life they have wanted to stop (i.e. anger, procrastination, impatience), but have not yet been able to do so.

It is an addiction prevention program for those who are not fighting addictions, yet who desire self-mastery in various areas and want access to the same principles and training taught in our other recovery programs.

Online groups available.

Our programs are dedicated to helping individuals, families and couples find peace, joy and healing in their lives and relationships.

Wondering which program is right for you or a loved one?

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