Secrets of Success: Primary Principles being used by a Successfully Recovering Sex Addict: Externalization

Secrets of Success: Primary Principles being used by a Successfully Recovering Sex Addict Externalization: When I look at the differences between those of my clients who are “winning the battle” consistently, they have been able to successfully externalize the battle. This means that they no longer think of themselves as the origin of the problem. They gain confidence that they, by nature, are good people, and that some intelligent entity outside of themselves is making a conscious effort to destroy them, from the inside out. It is no longer taboo to talk about the war between good and evil that is going on in the unseeable world of Spirits who cohabitate this world with us. Professionals in Psychology are recognizing that such influence can no longer be ignored. “Nature vs Nurture” is no longer sufficient to describe the anomalies of human behavior. There must exist a spirit with free choice within us and there must exist spirits that attempt to influence human spirits for good and for evil. When an addict becomes convinced that he/she is not the kind of spirit who would plan on doing evil, unless they are significantly and subtly influenced by an evil motivated spirit (one who seeks chaos and destruction of good things), they tend to do much better. It appears that the Dark side intentionally attacks these young men (primarily) before they are able to solidify their identities (see Erik Erikson). If the Dark side can get the young man to think, “I am the kind of guy who…” and fill in the blank with any corrupt phrase, then the technique of Distorted Propaganda has succeeded. In order to win this addiction battle for a lifetime, the individual must come to the conclusion that he/she is not by nature and addict, or a deviant personality, but a good spirit who has developed to such an extent that he/she has unknowingly become a threat to the Dark side. When I am asked by parents and spouses what the common denominators are of the men I work with, ironically, it is that they are all an amazing combination of powerful psychological gifts. It is as if the Dark side has been able to look into some type of crystal ball and see into the future of these young men/women, and see that they are going to be significant influences for good, each in his/her own right, over the next 50+ years, and the Dark side is intimidated by them. Once I can help an individual see their amazing strengths – combined with helping them become aware that all of their “lost battles” are the result of unwanted temporary cognitive and emotive deteriorations coming from an outside source – their ability fight and win skyrockets!

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