A Discussion on “Pierced with Deep Wounds”

Sorry I have been out of the loop for a few days. My wife’s grandfather passed away, family health issues and transitioning through end of school year stuff has been a priority. We have plenty to talk about. Let’s dive in….
My testimony of modern day prophets has grown again as I read several articles from the June 2010 Ensign. Those who help chose and edit articles for the Ensign are truly inspired. They have given me plenty to write about.
The article, “Pierced with Deep Wounds” (June 2010 Ensign), was especially powerful and timely. As the unnamed author said, “We found endless help for him, but it was more difficult to find it for me.” My hope is that I can contribute to what she has written, perhaps fill in some of the blanks. She is obviously well educated and has great spiritual and emotional strength. Her situation sounds difficult and painful, but the women I work with have situations that are more extreme, and require more help. I will refer to her article as a springboard into what I need to teach. I was hoping I could do this in one writing, but it looks like this one is going to take a while…. Let us begin.
“I felt sick, angry, hurt, and betrayed.” I am grateful that she admits to this, but I venture to say that the editors would not be willing to print a description of the details of her feelings. Images of screaming, throwing things, cussing, sobbing, shaking, collapsing, ripping things, clawing, hitting with wooden spoons, etc. are closer to what I am used to observing.
The mental deterioration process that men experience as they drift toward addictive behaviors (especially sexual) not only makes them oblivious to what they are doing, but also oblivious to the pain it is going to cause the women in their lives. I recall a case where the husband came in after I had seen the wife about 5 times and he said, “We are getting close to a half a dozen visits here. Are we getting close to when she is gonna get over all this?” It was all I could do to keep from beating him with a 2×4.
If you are a man reading this, do not underestimate the determination Satan has to get you involved in the process of making your woman cry. It is his life’s work to make men feel stupid and to make women cry. When he can do both at the same time, it is a great achievement for him. Rise up, gentlemen, gain reinforcements if you have been tricked, and protect your family.
To the women, more than likely, “I felt sick, angry, hurt, and betrayed” is just the beginning. I gotta go for now. More later….

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