“Why do you train young men not to masturbate when it is a natural thing to do?”

Recently, our Sons of Helaman program has been attacked by this and many questions like unto it. I finally got a question sent to me by someone I am just going to assume is sincere. Here goes…

Ultrasound motion images have been taken of male fetuses in utero engaging in the act of masturbation. Children under the age of eight also frequently engage in masturbation. Your program emphasizes the influence of Satan on the person who masturbates. Is Satan influencing the fetus or child under eight years old?
I am choosing to answer this question because it appears that the inquiry is sincere. As a matter of principle, I do not address questions here that are obviously contentious in nature.
Our program is designed to help young men overcome unwanted (by them) sexual behaviors that have reached addictive levels. Science shows that, especially in men, chemical and neurological patterns in some men can hit addictive levels around varying sexual behaviors. One of our first questions in our intake sessions is to ask why the young man wants help. The answer we watch for is one that is common among why any addict wants to overcome addictive behavior, “I want control back.” One of our main goals is to help men who don’t want to be addicts to regain self confidence by regaining self control.
To address your concerns more directly, I do not debate that it is natural to masturbate. Unfortunately, whether or not something is natural is not sufficient argument that the behavior should persist into adulthood. Urinating and deficating without control are also natural, but it is almost universally expected that each of us learn to control these behaviors.
If one were to refute that we should not resist doing something because it is naturally pleasurable…well, I don’t know that I even need to go into what that would lead to. Just the number of extra-marital pregnancies would go off the charts, let alone all other ideas that come to mind. Many men, notwithstanding religious background, are reporting emotional discomfort and at times disruption to lifestyle, because of their sexual addictive behavior. It is our goal to help primarily young men eliminate unwanted sexual addictions. I am confident that Satan is involved in encouraging all unwanted behaviors that make a person fell like they are loosing control of themselves. Please ask follow up questions if you have any.

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About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

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