To the Addict who is apprehensive about getting help.

Text Coaching
I have discovered a very powerful use for the technology of Texting that is proving to be very effective in helping to treat addictions.
Here are a few reasons why Text Coaching works so well…
-Addicts tend to experience the frustration of losing sight of their own values (what is important to them) a little faster than the average person. Regular therapy sessions help, but because most cannot afford multiple daily therapy sessions, addicts can forget why they are fighting the addiction and relapse between therapy session. With Text Coaching, the individual gets multiple texts every day that give him or her an opportunity to “wake up” before they drift all the way into the “fog” that comes before using again.
-In order to beat an addiction, an addict has to “wake up” from the “fog” thoroughly several times a day. With Text Coaching, the individual gets 6 sets of questions spread out over the course of the day. The brain work it takes to respond intelligently to each text is designed specifically to “wake up” the brain long enough to make it to the next text. Long term success for addicts is often a matter of winning many short term battles back to back.
-The texts are designed to retrain the brain to think like a non-addict brain. The repetition over and over is similar to what athletes, musicians and militia use to get the body and brain to work in automatic patterns.
How it Works:
-Participants receive several text messages spread out throughout the day.
-Each text message is a carefully developed set of questions that are designed to retrain the brain to be able to automatically fight addict thinking patterns.
-The Participant responds to each text question. Replies go directly to a Master Degree level Mental Health Clinician – currently Maurice W. Harker, LPC, Director of the www.Sons of program.
-Clinician (coach) gives a brief response designed to bump and nudge Participant toward more healthy thinking.
-This goes on daily until the Participant is satisfied with the results they have gotten.
Why people like it:
-Text Coaching is very inexpensive compared to other treatment forms available. At only $15 per week, Participants get quite a bit of training for their money.
-Confidentiality – many individuals who are first trying to fight addictive behavior are very shy about other people learning about what they are dealing with. Text Coaching allows participants to avoid having to show up in an office or participating in a group therapy.
-Geography irrelevant – It doesn’t matter where you live. You will probably want to make sure your phone plan has enough minutes for this much texting, but most people have unlimited texting at this point anyway.
If you have any more questions, Text “I have a Question” to 801-635-6474.
If you are ready to get started, Text “Sign me Up” to 801-635-6474.

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.