Why are they losing battles?

Imagine a story that could have taken place right in the middle of the Book of Mormon in the midst of the war chapters. The Lamanites have just lost another battle and are encamped about 1-2 miles outside the Nephite city. While in camp the Lamanites are complaining, bandaging their wounds and swearing oaths that they will win next time! (Although they have no idea how.)
Now imagine a nerdy Lamanite (with thick glasses  ) coming out of the forest with an unusual plant. He approaches the leader of the Lamanite army and says, “Hey, look at this cool plant! If we rub it into the water source of the Nephites, we can get them stoned!” The leader of the Lamanites says, “I don’t know what that means, but let’s try it! So they find the crystal clear stream of water that drifts its way into the Nephite city and gradually rub the plant into the water.
In the mean time, Captain Moroni is in the city having his men to drills – push-ups, sit-ups, running laps, throwing spears at each other, getting hot and sweaty, drinking the water….
Five days of this pattern go by. The leader of the Lamanites decides that it is time to attack the city. Captain Moroni sees them coming and calls to his men, “Charge!” When he looks behind, he sees his men wobbling back and forth, trying to maintain enthusiasm, but obviously not functioning correctly, unable to properly wield their swords. He calls out to his men, “Gentlemen, fight harder!” Does this solve the problem, no. “Gentlemen, fight smarter!” Does this solve the problem, no! “Sing a hymn?” One does not want to imagine how this battle is going to end.
Bishops and Stake Presidents ask me, “Maurice, these young men are well trained and have high values, why are they losing battles anyway!?!?” My short answer is, “They are stoned.”

All this time, we have thought that Satan only has the ability to affect our thoughts. What you are going to find below is that Satan has learned how to alter brain chemistry without asking our permission. It is a very scary thought, and for some time, we were unable to find an effective solution, so we thought, “Once an addict always an addict.” But now, we know how he is doing this to our minds, and we have found the necessary weapons to fight back and win!

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