Don’t “Should” on Yourself!

This fine piece of writing is by one of my skilled students that you have heard from before…

Defining the word “Should”

by L. R.

The word “should” can mean a lot of things, but today it usually means, “that’s a really good idea that I have no intention of following through on.”

For example, “I should get my home teaching done this week” or, “I should get my food storage inventoried and cleaned up.”

Elder Uchtdorf explained it this way:
“But somewhere between the hearing, the writing of a reminder on our smartphone, and the actual doing, our “do it” switch gets rotated to the “later” position. Brethren [and sisters], let’s make sure to set our “do it” switch always to the “now” position!”  (Gen. Con. April 2011).

We need to stop “should-ing” ourselves and start doing. Even if we can’t do everything, that shouldn’t stop us from doing something. Too often the overwhelming size of our to-do list scares us—we doubt we can do it all, and so we do nothing.

Shakespeare said:

“Our doubts are traitors,
And make us lose the good we oft might win
By fearing to attempt.”

Pick one thing, and do it. Reward yourself when you’ve completed it, and focus on the next.

Life is good when we are doing, not when we’re should-ing. President Monson explained: “It is in doing—not just dreaming—that lives are blessed, others are guided, and souls are saved.”

Let us be doers, not “should-ers”.

If you have a sexual addiction and taking care of it is on your “should” list, and has been there for a while, take it off—NOW! Don’t should on yourself any longer! Act in faith, not fear, and the Lord will provide the way. Don’t allow the fears of what others might say or think keep you in the dismal downpour of sin and away from the glorious sunshine of repentance. Do it. Now. You will be eternally grateful you did, and so will your family and all around you.

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

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