Conquering (Sexual) Addiction: “How Ferocious do I Really Need to Get?”

How Ferocious do I Really Need to Get?
Is swearing required?

It is mature and appropriate, when we are under attack by a foe, to first attempt to resolve the problem with dignified diplomacy. If someone enters your space and shows signs of wanting to intrude upon your rights (i.e. kill you, assault your wife and take your children for slaves), you may try to talk them out of it in a firm, but controlled tone of voice. :-/ Unfortunately, you may have to turn to a less dignified form of “communication” in order to successfully protect yourself and your loved ones.

I am convinced that one of the amazing strategies of Satan during this time in history in many cultures including my own is to keep men from experiencing the higher levels of ferocity needed to truly protect one’s family, thus leaving them unprepared when he attacks. Throughout most of history, it was not uncommon for men to carry weapons with them at all times, because there may have been threats of a significant nature to them and their families at all times.

When we are taught that Satan wants to destroy families, we need to take him seriously. His reputation, “The Serpent was the most subtle of all the beasts of the field,“ remains true. His attacks on the human mind really are intended to destroy families. He really does work on the minds of men until they are distorted enough to hurt their own wives – while thinking they are justified in doing so. He really does want to assault our women, and successfully does so through the unkindness of the husbands, through inappropriate sexuality, etc. And children are stolen away while the parents are incapacitated.

After a great deal of research and observation, I have discovered that the chemistry of the brain has a great deal to do with the decision making process (see page 21 in my book). With careful and meticulous efforts Satan can initiate chemical changes in the brain that cause a man to lose touch with his values system and make decisions that are damaging to himself and others. The “antidote” to this mind distorting set of drugs is released into the brain of a man when he feels the same feelings he would feel if he needed to protect his family from violence. This level of ferocity often elicits thoughts and words that are not common in the man’s language. If I were put in a situation where I either had to kill a 20 year old soldier from another country or let him kill my wife and children, I would be having some strong feelings about it. If he were bigger than me, I would need these strong feelings and the chemicals associated with them in order to have sufficient power to protect my loved ones. The chemicals associated with these feelings just happen to be the same chemicals needed to strengthen the brain and empower it to over ride the subtle, debilitating chemicals triggered by Satanic efforts (again, see page 21 in the Training Manual).
For the untrained out there…if you are going to beat this, you are going to have to do the little things with great ferocity! When it is time to read, FIGHT to read! When it is time to pray, FIGHT to pray. When it is time to empty the dish washer, FIGHT to empty it. When it is time to NOT turn on the tv, start the computer or play a video game, FIGHT to do something else (Go Outside!)

Often these skills take training. If you want to fight on a team and be trained with other fellow warriors, check out Sons of Helaman and text “SofH info” to 801-635-6474.

If you want to try fighting solo for a while with a confidential private coach, check out Text Coaching.
Good fighting, my friend Warriors! May we all successfully protect our women and children!


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