Sensitivity While Teaching

Sensitivity While Teaching

Three things happened this week that increased my sensitivity toward individuals who are between marriages who are trying to be active dedicated Mormons. First, a member of my own Bishopric called me in and asked if I would take a calling as the Sunday School instructor for the Marriage and Family Relations course in my ward. Then, within a few days, two of the women I have been working with for some time had very difficult experiences while attending classes at church. Go to bubblegirlnomore for details described by one of the women.

I was relieved to find, in the introduction of the manual of the Marriage and Family Relations class, a paragraph instructing the course instructor to be sensitive to such situations. Now I begin my challenge – how to teach about Eternal Families and the importance and value of the Temple and the covenants made there without adding pain to those who have been traumatized by the loss of such life experiences.

A while back, I wrote on being sensitive to the pain of those who have been traumatized in their marriages. I recommend you read that post if you are new to the concept.
I pray that I will be sensitive to all the life experiences of those who attend my class. I pray that all you out there who teach classes will be equally sensitive. Thank you for being willing to serve the Lord through teaching. Thank you for caring about your students.

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