Is there any Hope for a Man Who has a History of Porn Addiction?

Is there any Hope for a Man
Who has a History of Porn Addiction?

I received the following question from one of my friends (female) on facebook:

If a guy has had a porn addiction, is there hope for him not having a problem again in the future? Would it always be a concern? Can they ever really get over it?

In order to put this question in proper perspective, I am going to rephrase the question.  Read pages 8-14 of the Handbook for better understanding.

“If a Nephite man has been attacked the Lamanites, and has lost battles to the Lamanites many times, is there any hope that he can/will gain the skills necessary to defeat the Lamanites for the rest of his life?”

Before I proceed, I will pose another question, “If a Nephite man has never lost a battle to the Lamanites, does that mean it is safe to say that he never will?”

It is important to ask these different questions from this perspective because it is important to remember that men are good by nature, and we do not lose battles intentionally.  The more I study the methods of Satan to get good men to fall in this spiritual war, the more impressed I am with the sophistication of his skills.  It would be a good idea to read up on Amalickiah in chapter 47 of Alma in the Book of Mormon if you want to get an idea of some pretty tricky war methods – including bio-chemical warfare.  I do not hold a lot of negative energy toward a man, young or old, who has lost battles because he has never been trained to see and defeat Satan.  But I am confident that all men can be trained to recognize and defeat the Subtleties of Satan.  It cannot be forgotten that, “Those that be with us are more than those that be with them.” (Who knows where this reference is?)

What I tell women in my office is that there is no way to guarantee that men will be able to avoid being severely attacked by Lamanites (tricky Satanic strategies) whether they have a history of having lost battles or not.  It is more important to learn how well trained the man is than to know what his history.

As I think about how to train my daughter as she gets closer to dating age, I will be teaching her the following things:

1) Always trust your “Creepy Guy Detector”.  This is a God given gift that signals women that there is something “off” about a man.  Father’s love this gift.  Men (who have recent inaccurate behaviors/thinking patterns) do not like it.  If a man is losing battles (of any form) the woman will experience signals from God to keep her distance until he learns how to win. 

2) Men who have been well trained to defeat Lamanites are more likely to do so than those who have never been trained.  I hope by the time my daughter is ready to take the mate selection process seriously, she will be able to identify young men who have been beat up by life enough to know how to align themselves with the power of God, acquire the necessary training and have the humility to do so.

3) I intend to train her to ask him to describe how he can tell that he is under attack (does he have a system in place to detect Lamanites from a distance, before they get in his face), and have him describe his methods of winning against these attacks.  If his answers inspire confidence, then I support her proceeding with caution.  If she does not feel confidence in him, I encourage her to gracefully withdraw, and encourage him to study up on the subject for his and his future family’s safety.

Unfortunately, we have entered the stage of the world’s history that we have been warned about.  Wars and rumors of wars.  But this war is psychological and biochemical.  Are men are being pulled into the war whether they like it or not.  If they are trained, and align themselves with comrades who can fight on the same team side by side, they can win now and for the rest of their lives.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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