The Long Distance Warrior

The Long Distance Warrior

The following is for the warrior who is unable (or not quite ready yet) to attend Sons of Helaman training meetings in person. You will need to invest the same effort as it would take for a musician to prepare for a concert, or an athlete to prepare for a competition, or a soldier to prepare for a war if you are going to beat an addiction. I have worked hard to make the list as concise as possible. As with any recipe for success, if you skip any one ingredient, I cannot guarantee the results.

1. Start by reading the entire Sons of Helaman handbook as soon as possible. Gaining a proper perspective on what you are dealing with is vital. The booklet will also introduce you to many of the weapons you will need to win the war.

2. Re-read 3 pages of the Sons of Helaman handbook everyday until you have achieved 12 perfect weeks (84 consecutive days without a mis-behavior). Even when you are not an addict, the human brain has a tendency to forget things that matter. When you have an addiction, it is even worse. The reminders are vital.

3. Enroll in Text-Coaching (see brochure). Create an alliance with one of our Certified Text Coaches. These are men I have personally trained to guide you through the process of winning this war. If you struggle in following through with any part of this list, your Text Coach can help you through it.

4. Use the 3×5 Iron Rod System (see blog post). You must be anchored to something stronger than yourself to keep from being blown, dragged, or slipped off course.

5. Write Letters to God. The primary theme of these letters should be discussions on battle strategies. God would rather be your primary military companion and mentor than your prosecutor. Pray for the Spirit of Discernment so you can get better at recognizing Satanic Attacks. Pray for the Spirit of Prophecy so you can discover the tricks Satan has planned for you in the next 24-48 hours. Pray for the Spirit of Wisdom so you can develop “stratagem”, as did Captain Moroni, effective enough to defeat Satan when he shows up. Ask God to “have your back” as much as possible. Write this letters in the morning. (10 min)

6. Write Letters to Wife. Keep them in a binder that you can give to her on your wedding day. During the day, live in such a way that you can impress your woman when you write letters to her at night. Before you go to bed, write a letter to her describing the decisions you made that day in an effort to impress her. If done correctly, you will find yourself making decisions, even with little things, that are empowering and make you feel like a real man! Also, I am confident she will be very loving for each letter you write. (10 min)

7. Keep your Progress Calendar updated. On a simple calendar, write in the corner of each day how many days in a row you have gone without a lost battle. Put a smile  on good days, and an “X” on not-so-good days. Also, make a note of which of the items on this list you actually followed through on that day (use some kind of code or key to conserve space in each calendar square).

8. Establish public accountability by having at least one person who you show your progress calendar to every day. Parent, friend or Text-Coach can be effective. Some of the very brave warriors post their “day#” on Facebook! This creates serious accountability. You don’t even have to announce the topic of your battles, just post the day# and your goal. For instance 5/84. next day, 6/84. etc.

9. In a Notebook (paper or word processor), write out the answer to Question 2 from the Captain’s Log if you had a perfect day (no lost battles), or Question 5 if you did not have a perfect day. If you find yourself doing Question 5, email your lost battle analysis to Maurice at He will often review these and reply. (10 min)

10. Drill running to your Flag pole. Run to it (i.e. mailbox, stop sign) with the same fervor you would if a loved one was being assaulted there. As soon as possible, change your flag pole to some brief act of service for your mom or wife. (i.e. take out kitchen garbage or empty dishwasher tend to be the most powerful.)

If you have any questions about this list, let me know.

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.