Musicians, Athletes, Soldiers and Gardeners

Musicians, Athletes, Soldiers and Gardeners
What do they all have in common?

One of my least favorite discoveries about human psychology is that the brain and its thinking patterns are like just about anything else in nature…they tend to naturally erode. Thought patterns, habits, goals, determinations, resolutions, good desires; they all seem to erode or deteriorate. While effortlessly; negative, destructive, tangled thought patterns are planted in our minds and grow…like weeds.

I remember as a youth, my father would wake us up early every Saturday morning in the summer and we would have to go out back a weed our assigned section of the huge, never ending garden. I remember one morning being sick of it, and I decided to weed my section so good that I would not need to weed it again the following week. The following week, when my father came to get us all out of bed, I reported with confidence that my section was already done, and I rolled over and went back to sleep. I was shocked when only minutes later; he was back in my room saying, “Come look.” I was devastated to find that the weeds were back, no matter how hard I tried, the weeds were back.

I have since resigned myself to this pattern. It is just part of being on this planet. Bad things grow effortlessly, and must be weeded out over and over and over again. Good things have to be planted and nurtured, over and over and over again if they are going to survive and thrive.

There are 3 types of people who get this; maybe not at first, but if they are ever going to become really good at what they do, they must get this: Musicians, Athletes, and Soldiers. What do these 3 life styles have in common…repetition! They each know that if you are going to program your brain to do what you want it to do, fast and effective enough to be successful, you are going to have to drill, drill, and drill some more. Natural reactions are going to have to be replaced by new, intentionally developed, patterns of thinking and behaving! Being “in the zone” can only be accomplished if the musician, athlete or soldier has drilled every piece of their system enough times that it can become automatic.

I find this is also true with treating addictions. If a pattern of thinking and acting is going to become successful, the warrior afflicted with an addiction is going to have to drill, drill, and drill some more. Some of our newer warriors have struggled with this in our Text Coaching system. Usually, within a few days, they complain about the repetition involved in the system. My fellow warriors, if you are going to win this war, you are going to have to do psychological drills, several times each day, for as many weeks or months as you have had the addiction! I know! What a pain! But if you want it out of your system forever. If you want to count on your brain not “relapsing”, you are going to have to drill, drill, and drill some more.

Also, to touch on the gardener analogy a bit more, to win this war, you must “plant” quality ideas into your mind over and over again as well. Richard Scott recently talked about an excellent way to do this.

So, for those of you out there who have some thought patterns or behaviors that are comparable to an out of control weed patch, I invite you to look into the Text Coaching service my staff and I are providing. We can “drill” just about any unwanted pattern of behavior right out of you! Text “?” to 801-635-6474 if you want more info.

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