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Text Coaching

Text “4textcoaching” to 91011.

 “Text Coaching” is so simple and powerful, I am almost embarrassed that it took me this long to find a way to make it work as a tool for fighting unwanted behaviors.

As you know, individuals with addictions and compulsive behaviors can often succeed for a period of time, but then, frustratingly, they lose momentum and “fall off the wagon”. This fall usually involves a gradual drift away from things that help the warrior succeed. Sometimes the skills and/or determination needed to succeed for a long time is insufficient, but the cost of therapy is intimidating. Text Coaching solves these problems and more.

 “T-Coaching” takes advantage of modern social media technology (texting) and allows us to send several texts/prompts each day to each client.  In these texts/prompts the client is asked carefully structured questions designed to train their brains to overcome addictive and/or compulsive behaviors.  In order to effectively restructure the brain, the client needs to answer almost every text.  These answers go directly to me or one of my personally trained Certified Coaches.  We assess the answers to see if the state of mind of the client is strong enough for them to “win their battles” until they get the next text.  We provide short interventions via text as needed, usually about once each day.  By winning for shorter periods of time the client gains the momentum needed to help them succeed for a life time.  Gratefully, this works for all addictions and compulsive behaviors!  Try it out for a week and see how it goes.

Why “T-Coaching” is working:

·         Thumb tip access to professional – no matter where you live, near or far!
·         Increased frequency of coaching and accountability.  Many who fight addictions and compulsive behaviors can’t succeed for a full week, but they can’t afford more than weekly personal visits with a professional.  Also, those who have been succeeding don’t want to risk relapse.
·         Costs less– Most quality addiction treatment programs are at least $45 per week.  T-Coaching is only $20 per week, that’s less than $3 per day.
·         Anonymity – many individuals do not reach out for help due to humiliation.  T-Coaching allows anonymity (other than account info.)  You don’t have to sit in a group.
·         Proactive for loved ones – You don’t have to wait for the one in need to pursue it.  Parent/Spouse/Church leader can sign the individual up directly.

-If you have more questions about this program, text “?” to 801-635-6474.
-If you want to enroll yourself, text “Sign me up” to 801-635-6474.
-If you have a loved one you want to enroll, text “I -have a friend” to 801-635-6474.  
-You can call if you are not good at texting.  
You can always email if that is easier for you to (
I really hope this helps.  It has been the missing piece for several of my clients.
Maurice W. Harker, LPC                                                          Director of Sons of Helaman

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Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.