Chemical Warfare with Satan

Understanding and Conquering 
the Chemical Element of 
Sexual Addiction Recovery

(As described by one of my best Apprentice Warriors: J.C.)

I was just thinking about what we’ve learned about our bodies and
addiction. Here is one analogy I learned from Maurice that I love.

If you’re driving down the highway, minding your own business, imagine
you see police lights in your rear view mirror. Imagine the response
your body has. For me, I’m filled with adrenaline and anxiety. Now
what if that police car pulls past you, and doesn’t even pull you
over? It doesn’t change the fact that your body had a chemical
response, and you will probably have those adrenaline chemicals
running through your body for the next 30 minutes before they slowly

Now, we know that Satan fights dirty. We’ve learned that he can flash
sexual images or thoughts into our heads, dumping a load of deviant
sex chemicals into our brain. Just like the police car, we hadn’t been
doing anything wrong, but now whether we like it or not, we’re semi
“stoned” and at a level 2 on the scale. Now if we don’t do anything,
we’ll be swimming in those chemicals for the next 30 min, probably
subconsciously agitated, with the desire to act upon those chemicals.
And if we do nothing at all, there’s a good chance we’ll just lose a

So what do we do?

Neutralize the sex chemicals. In science, everything has an opposite.
Acids and bases neutralize one another. We can’t just wait for the sex
chemicals to slowly leave. We have to neutralize them with warrior
chemistry. We need to go into warrior mode. Vividly remember why we’re
fighting and what’s important to us. We need to stimulate protective
anger within us, and arose fighting chemicals inside our brain, which
will totally turn the sex chemicals around.

It’s not always convenient. Sometimes we’ll get a heavy hit of those
sex chemicals when we’re in the middle of something important. But
I’ve heard maurice say, that the lamanites seldom attacked the
nephites when it was “convenient” for them. When captain Moroni was
barbecuing with his family on a holiday, and then the lamanites
attacked his city, I doubt he was thrilled to leave everything and
grab his sword to protect everyone. but HE DID WHAT HE HAD TO DO TO
LIVE. And I know that we can do it to.

(Well written, J.  Feel free to take credit publicly if you wish.)

If the reader has any questions or comments, let me know.  Perhaps we can get J. to answer them. 🙂


About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

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