“Is the Power Cord Plugged in?” Getting Text Coaching to work for you.

“Is the Power Cord Plugged in?”
Getting Text Coaching to Work for You
     “It doesn’t work!” some warriors exclaim after receiving the daily texts and experiencing no change in their lost battles. “It’s just a waste of time and money. I signed up, but nothing changed.”
     When they say this, I ask them a few questions. “How many of the texts have you responded to?”
“Um…well…I have responded to several of them.”
“Okay, how often have you responded would you say—on average? Once a day? Twice a week? Once a week?”
     If they’re honest they usually answer, “once a day, maybe every other day. It depends.”
     When I hear this I begin teaching my “IT” principle. When someone calls into IT technical sup port for help with a computer that isn’t working, before asking any complicated questions, the IT representative will ask: “Is your computer plugged in? Did you try hitting the power button?” This may be a no brainer, but often times the client will say, “Oh, wait, it wasn’t plugged in,” or “where is the power button?” For a computer to work, it has to be turned on, for Text Coaching to work, you have to “turn it on” by responding. Just signing up will not magically remove the addict’s habits, but it does give the warrior an ideal opportunity to daily remind himself why he is fighting and how he must do it.
     I cannot stress enough the importance of actually replying to the text messages. Even if the answers are one sentence answers, or even one-word answers. Just the act of responding consistently puts the warrior’s brain in a different mindset.
     Text coaching works. It works when it is used. Like any tool, if it is left on the shelf it is useless. Simply receiving text messages is not going to change much, but consistently responding to 6 text messages a day—that will make a difference.
     If you are receiving Text Coaching and not satisfied with the results you are receiving, I have a challenge for you. In the next two weeks, respond to every Text Coaching text as soon as you can, even if it is one word. That means over the next fourteen days you will respond eighty-four times. Be completely honest, if you haven’t run your flag-pole, or written on your calendar, say so—and then go do it. Do this for two week and then use your internal scanning skills to see what changes have happened to you over the previous two weeks. It is a cool experience. Try it out.
-Lucas Reynolds
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