Text Coaching At Work

Text Coaching At Work
     One warrior, after using the Text Coaching program, wrote the following:
     “At first, I wasn’t enthusiastic about joining Text Coaching. I was already attending group therapy sessions and I didn’t want to spend the extra $20 a week just for someone to text me. I didn’t need that—or so I thought.
     “Somehow, I don’t remember exactly how, I got signed up, and I am eternally grateful I was—it has become a key to my success. Despite my initial hesitancy, I soon came to look at each text as a callenge—a challenge to see if I was man enough to answer. I made a game out of it. I wouldn’t receive a single text without answering it, even when sometimes the texts came at busy times.
     “The hardest part was when I had to confess I had not been keeping my goals like marking my calender, or running my border patrol. “Dang it!” I would think when the text came, “I have to do that again!” Looking back, that discomfort was exactly what I needed. I needed to be consistently reminded of the daily actions I needed to take, especially when I had been slacking.
     “I have been a graduate of the Sons of Helaman for over 6 months and I continue to participate in Text Coaching. I have noticed a significant different in my battles depending on my faithfulness in responding to my texts. When I have been lax in responding, thinking, “I have this under control”, those have been the moments when I have been hardest hit. I love Text Coaching because it helps me stay focused all day long every day.
     “I hope many more young men will apply this program seriously. I am convinced that it is a powerful tool for overcoming the enemy that assails us.”
For more details or to get signed up for Text Coaching, Text “?” to 801-635-6474
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