To Parents, Leaders: Know a Youth that might be(come) addicted?

An Addiction Prevention Program for your Youth:
Eternal Warriors
To the Parents of the Future Noble and Great Ones,
            As you have probably observed by now, there seems to be in ever increasing attack on Our Youth focused toward derailing them through addictions, primarily pornography and deviant sexuality along side the ever present drugs and alcohol.
            Most youth experience some degree of experimentation with such things and we breathe a sigh of relief if they are not caught in the snare of addiction.  But we are loosing too many.  Their bright minds and pure souls begin to fade right before our eyes as addictive behaviors take over their lives.  Instead of become Noble and Great, as they were fore-ordained, they become angry and depressed.  Instead of being active and goal oriented, many slip into a mind set of entitlement.
            For more than half a decade now, Sons of Helaman has worked to provide a powerful Addiction Recovery Program based upon Spiritual and Scientific principles.  Hundreds of young men have acquired the education and skills necessary to demonstrate successfully overcoming addictive behaviors.  The sister program, Daughters of Light, is available for young women who have already had more experience with misbehavior than we would have hoped.  Parents are very grateful for the services that we have been providing for those who are already struggling, but with much emotion, they have pleaded with us to provide a service that focuses on PREVENTION.  So, after a great deal of research, inspiration and preparation, we now offer the
 Addiction Prevention Training Program:
Eternal Warriors
            Eternal Warriors serves both young men and young women starting at age 12.  The youth will be trained to acquire increased sensitivity, empowering them to sense danger before the pull of the addictive whirlpool become too strong for them to escape.  The youth will be trained in speed of response, using concepts applied by athletes, musicians and soldiers.  The youth will gain the strength to win “I-don’t-feel-like-it” battles by perfecting such things as:
–         Out of bed on time without help
–         Get to school/meetings/events without help
–         Get homework done and turned in without reminders
–         Get family contribution activities (chores) done without reminders
–         Treat fellow adults (especially parents) with respect in all situations
–         Get to bed on time
–         At least one spontaneous act of service
–         Edifying relations with siblings
–         Controlled use of video games
–         Controlled use of Social media
–         No drug use
–         No alcohol use
–         No pornography or masturbation
–         No morality issues
–         No self harm behaviors
–         Other: custom made
            Each youth trains with a small group (up to 12) of fellow warriors in their area.  They meet for 2 hours a week.  They are led by a Mentor.  A Mentor is a member of the local community or religious organization who has been trained and certified by the professionals at Sons of Helaman, primarily the Director, Maurice W. Harker, LPC.  If you want to learn who the Mentor is closest to your neighborhood, contact Sons of Helaman at 877-HERO-877 or email us at  If you would like to be trained as one of our Mentors, contact us the same way.
            Many local Ecclesiastical leaders are very invested in making this program available to the youth in their area.  They have expressed a strong willingness to help Mentors get the training they need in order to run Eternal Warriors groups.  Often, Ecclesiastical leaders may personally invite members of their community to become trained so the youth can have better access to this program. 
            Also, Ecclesiastical leaders often wish to participate in Outreach.  If there currently is no Eternal Warriors group in your area, consult your local leader.  They may want to make sure all parents of youth in your area aware of this training.  They are very invested in making sure as many youth as possible have an opportunity to receive this training before they fall into addiction.  Contact your local Ecclesiastical leader; you may be the first to make sure your local he or she is aware of this program.
            Sometimes we guardians of the youth are aware that one (or more L ) has already become enslaved by misbehaviors at the addictive level, but he or she is not yet willing to admit it and/or ask for help.  We are finding that these youth can “save face” and are more willing to enroll in a Prevention program than a Treatment or Recovery program.  And, after spending some time in the Eternal Warriors prevention program, they more easily transition into the more intense treatment program, Sons of Helaman, for young men, or Daughters of Light, for young women if needed.
            For more details on what enrollment in Eternal Warriors entails, call 877-HERO-877 or text “Eternal Warriors?” to 801-635-6474 or email
Forever your Servant,
Maurice W. Harker, LPC

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.