Lesson 3 from Eternal Warriors: Addiction Prevention Program

“But this much I can tell you, that if ye do not watch yourselves, and your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds, …even unto the end of your lives, ye must perish, And now, O man, remember, and perish not.”
In order to kill an enemy, you must be able to see the enemy.   Or, with more subtle enemies, you may only be able to hear or feel his presence.  We call this “Increasing your Spirit of Discernment.”
The scripture above gives a hint about the different levels of discernment that are needed.  The Chemical Scale helps the warrior discern and identify the different levels of attack that Satan uses on each of us to get us to misbehave.  In order to understand what happens to each of us more clearly, it is easier to describe the process backwards.
Level 10: Crash
            We don’t talk about this level in much detail because it is the stage when the warrior is so twisted that he has lost most hope for the time and just allows himself to misbehave over and over again.
Levels 6-10: Shut Down (or Stupid) Mode
            Again, we don’t talk about this level in much detail because there is not much to talk about.  The warrior has been affected so much by mind altering chemicals that he/she is no longer able to think like a human, but is more animalistic in his/her processing.
Level 5: Action (Deeds) Level, also known as the “Forget-it” Moment
            This is the moment in time when the warrior stops fighting and lets him/herself misbehave the first time.  This is the most discernable moment for the beginning warrior, so this is where we start discernment training.
Level 4: Words Level, also known as the Irrational (Retarded) Conversation
            This is the phase that many previous clinicians have described as “negative self-talk”.  It is disturbing to consider the idea that Satan can talk to us in our own voices.  During this level there is a conversation about whether or not to lose the battle.  The pro’s and con’s are discussed, but in retrospect, the logic is quite irrational.
Level 3: Thought Level, also known as the “Dude” Moment
            The levels that precede this are so subtle that most of us are not able to notice any deviant thoughts.  This is the moment when the warrior first experiences the idea of losing a battle on a noticeable level.  “Dude, you should skip your homework.”  “Dude, you should lie about it to your parents.”  “Dude, you should search the internet for….”
Level 2: Feelings Level
            This is where most people (especially men) get tricked.  During level 2 there is another conversation, but it is about how the warrior should be feeling, BEFORE the idea of misbehaving occurs.  For the warrior fighting the misbehavior of yelling at his parents or siblings in anger, feelings of anger are building during level 2, and the “good reasons” to be angry are building.  For the warrior who skips his reading, the feelings of “I don’t feel like it”, or boredom start to build.  Anxiety, depression, overwhelm, worthlessness, frustration, etc, etc, etc.  Satan is not picky.
Level 1: Chemical Level
            And the most subtle of all is the experience of gradual, subtle biochemical changes.  This process was described in detail by the lesson on the Satanic Spin.  If you have not had the lesson on the Satanic Spin, you can read about it in the new Like Dragons They Did Fight book.  Look for page 23.  A practiced warrior can sense/feel slight changes in the way their body feels.  In order to gain this ability, you will need practice and to pray for an increase in the Spirit of Discernment.
Level 0: Doing Good
            If you feel edified and energized to do good, and feeling no inclination to avoid doing good, you are probably chemically safe for now.  Proceed with confidence.
So, if you really want to fight and win this war against mis-behaviors, start by praying at least once a day for an increase in the Spirit of Discernment.  Then try setting an alarm to go off on your phone every 15 minutes.  Try to identify what level you are at.  If you are not at Level 0, I invite you to try to fight back with your current skills.  We will be training you in more fighting skills, but in the mean time, read Like Dragons They Did Fight for more information.

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