To Church Leaders/Parents: Brochures for Addiction Prevention Training

Dear Church Leader,
(If you are not currently a leader in your church organization, for the sake of the youth, please pass this on to someone who is…thank you.)

As you know,
 too many of our youth are slipping into the slavery of addiction:
sexual, drug, alcohol, gaming, etc.        
            The originators of Sons of Helaman Addiction Recovery program for young men have now developed a training program designed to significantly decrease the likelihood of both young men and young women slipping into addictions. 
Eternal Warriors:
focuses on empowering the student to experience their values system overpowering their moods.  Training is available for 3 age groups:  A) Youth ages 12-18,  B) Youth ages 18-25,  and C) (we are having a significant surge of requests for training for adults who want to avoid slipping into addiction) ages 26+.
            We are training class instructors, Mentors, in your area to teach and train your youth in the acquisition of the Sensitivity, Strength, and Stamina needed to successfully fight off opportunities to slide into addictive behaviors.
            Because of the sensitivity of the subject, reaching out to those who need training will best be done from Church Leader to Parent to Youth.  If you need more information before you feel confident in the services we provide, please contact us.  If you feel sufficiently confident in us, please get this information out to the parents of the youth as fast as possible.  (This training also is excellent for those who are not yet ready to admit they have a problem.  A component to help such seek help is included in the training.)
Enclosed is a brochure on this new Eternal Warriors training program. You are welcome to make as many copies of the brochure as you need.  The original can be accessed by clicking on THIS LINK.    Or, we are happy to send you as many as you need. 
Phone:              877-HERO-877
Text:                 text “more4EW” to 91011
Your Servants,
Maurice Harker and the staff of Life Changing Services
Information on the other programs we provide.

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.