A Bishop recently asked me the following questions about the

Sons of Helaman 
Sexual Addiction Recovery Program

Do you have meetings that meet in Orem or Utah County?  

Yes, we have a skilled clinician named Dave Jensen who meets with his training group on Thursday nights near the Orem mall.  He will also do the individual intake sessions with each of the young men (and their parents if they are under 18).  His number is 8019160701. 

How do we get boys signed up?

Usually, you just call our central number at 877- HERO-877, and our central secretary, Judy, will help identify the closest group that matches the family’s schedule.  But in your case, you can call Dave directly, and/or I will have him contact you.

 What is the cost of the program?  

We have kept the cost to about 1/4th the cost of individual therapy.  The young men, after the initial intake/training session ($100), week each week for 2 hours.  The cost of this meeting is $45 each week.  The youth continues with this weekly training until he achieves 12 consecutive weeks without any “lost battles”.

How soon can they start?  

We use an “open enrollment” format.  This means they can join at any time.  This is helpful for both the veterans and the new guys.  The veterans help teach the new guys, and the new guys are more quickly assimilated into the brotherly bond in the group.

How do we sign them up for your texting program, and how do we arrange payment?

Text Coaching registration is very simple.  Just have them text me directly 8016356474 the phrase “sign me up”.  I will gather the necessary information and assign them to one of our skilled coaches.  Payment is usually made by credit card.  Our financial secretary will arrange that with the family.  If the Bishop thinks it is suitable, all these services have been paid for to some degree with fast offerrings.

 Do you suggest the group program instead of individual therapy or the church’s 12-step group program? 

Individual therapy has it’s advantages, but when it comes to fighting these addictions, it is insufficient.  Satan will use tricks like, “you are the only one with this problem”, and “only the creeps have this problem”, and “this old man in front of you just doesn’t get it”, etc.  The Sons of Helaman training obliterates those Satanic efforts.  
I use the 12-step program for someone who needs support more than they need treatment/training.  It is designed to be a support system.  There is minimal confrontation in 12-steps meetings.  There is insufficient intensity and peer accountability for what it takes for a youth to make the necessary changes.  The clinicians who run Sons of Helaman groups are personally trained by me to create an experiential therapeutic experience designed specifically to use the Spirit and their own drive to create long term cognitive and behavioral change.
I hope this helps to answer your questions.  For more information, check out our web site, www.sonsofhelaman.org
And you can always text me directly at 8016356474.

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.