Are you Worried about a Guy?

Are you worried about a guy
who might have an Addiction
to Inappropriate Images, etc?
I understand that (young) men
often do not want to go through the humiliation of asking for help  It has been my experience that a loving woman
is more likely to seek help for a man than a man is to seek help for himself.
Each woman seems to be
blessed/cursed with a sixth sense that alerts her to when a man in her life is
struggling with something significant. 
Often, she cannot tell what the problem is.  But, unfortunately, sometimes she discovers
that the man in her life is experiencing an unwanted addiction of a sexual
When a woman discovers this,
after the initial shock, she usually does not know how to proceed.  This page is intended to give you some
get a copy of the book “Like Dragons Did They Fight”.  Read it,
then pass it on, or give a copy of it to the man you are concerned about.  To respond correctly to what your man is
experiencing, you will need to
understand what he is experiencing

Follow the links below in
order to start reading:
The next step depends on what
relationship you have with the man:
Husband/Fiancé: “Men
of Moroni
” is a training program for men that is more intense than 12 steps
programs and less expensive than individual therapy.  Also includes a resource for those who live
too far away to attend training sessions.
Boyfriend/Son:  “Sons of Helaman” is a training program
for young men between ages 16-25 designed to help them overcome addictive
behaviors.  For those who live too far
away, we provide “Text-Coaching”.
Missionary:  “Sons of Mosiah” is designed for those who are struggling before, during or after
being a Missionary. We hope to help him avoid the humiliation of having to come
Changing Services
dedicated to providing services that help you and your loved ones find success
and happiness.  If you have questions
about anything you read above, or any other issue your loved ones may be
dealing with, call 877-HERO-877, or email me a

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About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.