Another Lost Battle Analysis
otherwise known as a
We will start with the self analysis I received from the warrior:

                 When I lost the enemy told me that there is time to repent later and that I can fight him off later.

              Level 1 was as soon as I woke up I started feeling anxious. I started with some breathing exercises I learned from the internet, and then I went to take a shower.  As part of my border patrol I sing hymns and other songs in the shower, then I studied the scriptures for about 30 minutes, but after I still felt weird and anxious.  The day dragged on and I continued to feel this way.  I went with my brother in the afternoon to go and get my mission medical records and his mission medical records.  I tried to get some Warrior Chemistry going on the way back home and was prompted to run to my flagpole this time, (and multiple times before this one).  Then I started to feel tired, bored and anxious again. (*A) As I got home I noticed me and my brother were the only ones home. (Level 3:the Dude Moment) Then Satan started to prod me with the “dude you guys are the only ones home” “dude just get away from your brother”, “dude you can repent later”. (Level 4: Retarded/Irrational Thinking) Then I went to watch T.V. and I started scrolling up on the guide.  As I was scrolling up on the guide I was prompted again to go and shoot some baskets.  I decided I didn’t feel like it (*B) (Level 2:Feelings (again)) so I kept scrolling then the retarded conversation hit me, as I scrolled up (Level 5:Forget it/Action Moment) (*C) and started reading descriptions of Mr. P content.  Satan started flashing sexual images of previous lost battles and the retarded conversation kept going, as I walked into my living room while my brother was away and went upstairs  with the laptop to indulge in my mother’s room the rest is history.  If I could replay the event I would have ran to my flagpole in the morning, along with building some warrior chemistry.  I can start running to my flag pole at least 3 times a day along with building up warrior chemistry.  I also need to find more efficient exercises to calm my anxiousness down. (*D)

Maurice’s reply:
This is a pretty good self analysis for a new warrior.  There are a few important pieces that need to be reviewed.

*C:  You will find that we do not spend a lot of time teaching how to fight Level 5 battles.  It is like teaching someone how to do hand to hand combat with a Silver Back Gorilla.  Winning at this stage is almost always luck and rarely skill.

*D:  While this warrior did a good job of identifying several relevant factors in his lost battle, he made a common mistake among warriors.  He did not follow through on WRITING DOWN the actual solution in his analysis.  He stopped writing after he discovered the problem without continuing until he found a specific, workable solution.  Imagine a committee of military leaders who figure out what the enemy has been doing to them, then stand up from the meeting as they say, “we should find a solution to that”.  Such an incomplete meeting will not make the civilians feel any safer.  A concrete plan must be created and put into place.  I will provide a contrete plan for this type of Satanic attack below.

*B:  Satan has learned how to spill many different chemicals into the brain using the Satanic Spin.  Even the subtle sensation that many of us call “I don’t feel like it.” is a subtle, yet extremely effective Satanic attack.

*A: It would be useful to observe both the value and the missing pieces of the Story of Joseph and Potifer’s Wife.  This Old Testament story is often referred to by those who are trying to train us to avoid patterns of misbehavior.  If you are going to actually win against Satan, if the Nephites are actually going to win against the Lamanites, then “avoiding” is actually not the solution.
I remember many years ago trying to figure out my own patterns of misbehavior.  I was at one of those bouncy house amusement places with my son for a children’s party.  I watched him do an activity were you strap a harness around your shoulders with a bungee attached to your back.  You run as far as you can until the bungee pulls you back to your original location.
I remember that this is how it felt to fight against some of my mis-behaviors in the way taught by the story of Joseph and Potifer’s Wife.  I run away from the problem, then somewhere along the way, I get yanked back to the problem.  In the Q5 above, the young warrior seems aflicted by the same problem.
As I pondered in an effort to find a solution, I saw some youth who were playing the bungee game grab the side and hold on in order to avoid being yanked back.  I realized that 2 things would be needed in my personal life.  I would need something really strong to hold onto when I got to my safe destination (flag pole), and I would need to cut the bungee that was pulling me back.
You can read about the details of flag poles in other posts (just search “flag pole), but I give some brief information here.  For a beginner, a flag pole is an actual item outside your house that you can run to when your alarms go off.  A mailbox or the nearest stop sign are the most commonly used.  The concept originates with the experience most of us had in elementary school when we would practice fire alarm drills.  The alarm would go off and we would go to the flag pole.
Common mistakes made by new warriors: 1) They wait to see if there really is a fire before they run to the flag pole…until it is too late and they get burned. 2) They don’t drill/practice running to the flag pole every day when there is no fire so their body and mind are in the habit of running on impulse.  3) They go back into the building before the fire is all clear. Don’t go back into the building when you still see smoke coming out.  I have yet to hear of a warrior losing a battle while standing next to their stop sign or their mailbox. 4) They don’t run to the flag pole as many times as necessary.  The common thought is, “Well, it must not have worked, because the enemy came back again on the same day (or same hour!)”.
So, one major piece of succeeding for this warrior, is to not let go of the flag pole until there is no more smoke.  Standing outside in the hot sun can stimulate warrior chemistry.  The warrior starts to think about why he is there, why he is fighting, and if the enemy would just leave him alone, he would be fine.

Okay, now, a step by step solution:

1) Identify at least 3 Passion Projects/Flag Poles (search other posts) you could work on at this time of day in this location.  i.e. Goal Oriented Exercise, Goal Oriented Memorization, Pre-chosen Act of Kindess, etc.  Isolate a few activities you can do toward the completion of each Passion Project.  Make sure the chosen activities do not take more than 2-3 minutes. If you are a beginning warrior, just use your mailbox or stop sign for this.
2) List each of these Projects and accompanying activities on separate 3×5 cards. List on the back of each card why you chose this and how you feel when you follow through on each (manly, successful, pleased, etc.).  Keep these cards with you at all times.  Do not underestimate the need to keep these cards with you at all times.  It is amazing how the mind “forgets” when under Satanic Attack. Revise/replace the cards as needed, but don’t stop using them until you are well beyond 12 perfect weeks.
3) Rotate through practicing the activity(s) on one (or more) of the cards every day at this time of day in this location…whether you feel like you need to or not (drills).
4) Start each of these drills by thinking to yourself, “I don’t feel like it.”  This will create a Pavlovian Effect otherwise known as Classical Conditioning.
5) Add Warrior Chemistry (see the book, Like Dragons Did They Fight) to your drills.  This is easily done when you have to make yourself follow through and you get angry that you have to do these “pointless drills” just because some jerks on the other side of the veil will not leave you (and your loved ones) alone!
6) Finally, set an alarm (memorize) in your heart and mind on the sensation called, “I don’t feel like it.” Pray for the Spirit of Discernment to help sharpen you awareness of the alarm, and pray for Determination to follow through when you hear the alarm.  At one time in my life I prayed that my alarms would be “unignorable”.  Quite a shocking experience.  Try it if you are feeling courageous.

In the Moment of Battle:
1) Hear the alarm go off when you hear/feel, “I don’t feel like it.”  DO NOT hit the “snooze button”, giving yourself permission to take action if the alarm goes off 5 minutes later.  DO NOT wait to see if it is a false alarm.  DO NOT wait to see if the fire is bad enough.
2) Pull the 3×5 cards out of your pocket, and with great intensity follow through on the actions listed on at least one of the cards.  This will be easier and more automatic the more you drill it (as with all things musical, athletic, military).
3) Let your Warrior Chemistry heighten during your fight as you observe that your life has been interrupted (again!) by another Satanic Attack.
4) As you come back from the battle, do not slide back into the state of mind you were in before.  Attack (and complete) the next item on your calendar or task list (even if the task is going to sleep for the night.)   I often say to Satan at this time, “You should not have messed with me!  I will now do more good than I was planning to do!”  Nephites need to fight back like this instead of running away, or avoiding the problem.
5) Repeat 1-4 if you experience “I don’t feel like it” again.  The more times you have to repeat these, the more Warrior Chemistry should be stimulated.

I could go on and on.  Let me know if you have any follow up questions.


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