Lost Battle Analysis: “I was Tired”

Lost Battle Analysis: "I was Tired" Warrior, You are doing an important part of being a courageous warrior because you are working hard to understand what is going wrong.  Some warriors are too humiliated by this process of self reflection.  One important difference between warriors that succeed and warriors that don't is that successful warriors work to feel humility when embarrassed, while others only feel humiliation.  Good job! Okay, the good news is that you are having a Level 1/Level 2 problem.  Remember, before you lose your mind (Level 5), you have to stop thinking clearly (Level 4).  This cognitive distortion is caused by a change in brain chemistry.  The Satanic Spin describes the process Satan uses to initiate this brain chemistry change experience.  For the smart Warrior, Satan understands that a direct attack on your deviant sex chemicals is too obvious.  He needs to mess with your mind with something less obvious first; something pre- or non-sexual. There is a phrase in the scriptures, "The Serpent was the most subtle of all the beasts of the field."  When I experience a behavior that is contrary to my values system, I have to look for subtle feelings (Level 2's) that I had not paid attention to before.  In your case, the most common feeling word you used in your Q5 was "tired".  We already know from science that the physiological sensation of "tired" is the result of a chemical change in the body (Level 1).  Is it any surprise that Satan would attack us with Flashes that tip Chemical Buckets that create the sensation of "tired"?  So, we can't even trust the feeling of "tired"!?  Scary thought, eh? So, again, in order to win this type of battle, you are first going to need an increase in the strength of your Spirit of Discernment.  You can pray for this directly.  For example, "Father, please clarify for me when I am feeling true, biological tiredness, compared to when I am feeling Satanic, pseudo tiredness."  Pray for this every day for 21 days.  Practice looking for the difference between the two feelings.  It is very subtle, but you can figure it out. For instance,  it is not uncommon that people feel tired when they are not in the mood to be productive.  Lots of youth (and husbands 🙂 ) feel a sudden surge of tiredness right when their mother or wife asks them to do something helpful.  This tiredness hits us in the morning when it is time to work or go to school, but not when it is time to play.  Over the next several days, watch for patterns in the times when you feel tired vs the times when you want to be awake and alert.  Notice, if you are like many of us who have been subtly tricked by Satan, you tend to feel tired when it is time to do something that will be painful to Satan, and not tired when what you are doing doesn't matter or is destructive.  I hope it bothers you (stimulates warrior chemistry) when you begin to see this pattern. I once heard a young man share one of his goals, "I want to get to the point where when I wake up every morning, Satan says, 'Oh crud, he is awake!  We are all (the demons) in trouble now!'"  What if we replay your experience with this in mind.  After dropping off your little brother, you think to yourself, "Hey, I am awake earlier than usual!  That gives me extra time to mess with he who messes with me!  What good can I do with this time?" If he hits you with, "Yea, but you don't feel like it?" then you know for sure you are starting to intimidate him!  Follow through for sure!  To make yourself even more powerful, plan the night before, what you will do in the middle of the night, or in the early morning if you find yourself awake before you were planning to be.  Think about it enough that you feel some excitement and some warrior chemistry about it.  A phrase that works really well for me is, "You should not have messed with ME!" I invite you (all of you Warriors) to make it a specific goal to win all "I'm tired" and all "I don't feel like it" battles over the next 3 weeks.  Do so with ferocity and determination!  Invite the avenging (ministering) angels assigned to you by God to fight by your side (see D&C 4)! (There are other blog posts on this and similar topics.  Go to www.mwHarkerTherapist.blogspot.com and search for "mood battles".)

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