Audio Clips of Recent Training Sessions

Audio Clips of Recent Training Sessions

There has been an increase in demand for audio clips. I hope to provide a long list of these clips for you to listen to while you drive, work in the yard or fall asleep at night.  If you have formally enrolled in Sons of Mosiah or Men of Moroni, you have already paid for access to all of these clips, just email us at and we will send you the clip of your request.

Satan’s Military Strategies.  6+ min.  .49

Satan’s Modern Battle Strategy.  13+ min.  .99

For many decades now, we have been teaching our loved ones to watch their thoughts in order to catch temptations in order to avoid misbehaviors. Unfortunately, Satan has advanced his techniques beyond the battle field of thoughts and into bio-chemistry.  This thorough discussion on the topic can help you and your loved ones be ready for Satan’s modern battle strategy.

How Satan Effects the Brain  30+ min $3.99

We have been taught for most of our lives that Satan only has the ability to through thoughts (temptations) into our minds, and we have the responsibility to catch them and fight back.  What if he has found a way to mess with our brain chemistry without even asking permission?  Is that even possible?

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