For Delayed and Early Release Missionaries

For Delayed and Early Release Missionaries

Dear Stake President, Bishop, Parents,

We grieve with you over the pain our young men find themselves in who are delayed or early released from serving full-time proselyting missions due to excessive patterns of sexual misbehavior. You have probably heard statements from these young men like, “I don’t understand why I lose my mind in this one area. I do so well with so many other things.” Or, “I have already tried prayer, scriptures, hymns, etc….not working.” So many of these young men are on the verge of giving up hope.

As stewards over young men at this stage of life, we are dedicated to providing the best services available to fight this pandemic. For some time now we have been fine-tuning a program specifically designed to train these young men and we would like to make sure you are aware of it . The Sons of Helaman sexual addiction training program has been serving the young men of Utah for many years now.  It has proven to be highly effective. It is very cost effective and time efficient.  And now the training they provide is available to all geographical locations in the form of what we are calling, the Sons of Mosiah.  Sons of Mosiah is directly intended for those who at the Missionary stage of life.

As an ecclesiastical leader, we encourage you to first make a strong effort to use your own revelation to help young men overcome these issues. But, as with other medical issues, if you find a need for something more in order to empower the young Warrior to break out of the bondage and gain long term success, you will want to consider the Sons of Helaman program or its long distance counterpart, Sons of Mosiah.

Sons of Helaman deliberately uses principles taught in the Book of Mormon and by modern day prophets. The program integrates cutting edge science with Spiritual concepts. As a bonus, the young men tend to experience accelerated maturation as they learn to think, feel and act like men; like Warriors.

For your orientation, a PDF of the program’s training book, “Like Dragons Did They Fight”, can be requested by emailing or find the link at Paperback and Abridged Audio versions are also available at

Again, we have a great love for these young men who are delayed or early released from missionary service. The pain they experience due to not knowing how to win these battles is unignorable to us. We are all aware of the long term effects of those who become disheartened during this stage of life. We encourage you to provide them with help – by whatever means necessary. Below, you will find ideas on how best to proceed.

Your Servant,

Maurice Harker, LPC

Which path of treatment is best for your young man?

Sons of Helaman is designed for in person training.
-led by Certified Master’s degree level clinician
-intensified synergy of Spiritual and Scientific principles
-professionally guided positive peer pressure
-specific locations listed at (

Sons of Mosiah is designed for those who are currently long distance.
-available to any young man anywhere (and in multiple languages).
-led by SofH certified coach
-supervised by Certified Master’s degree level clinician
-least expensive treatment -comes with self-study workbook for daily sharpening

If you have questions or are 
ready to begin enrollment, 
call 801-HERO-877. 
Also, see enclosed brochures for details.

Comparing Sons of Helaman and Sons of Mosiah
Individual Counseling and/or 12-Steps ARP

Use Sons of Helaman (or SofM) more than Individual Counseling when:
-emotional issues are the result of patterns of misbehavior. (Use Individual Counseling more when Mental Health issues preceded or superseded patterns of misbehavior.)
-the young man feels isolated in his war, “I am the only one with this problem.”
-he feels, “Only the weak and pathetic are dealing with these issues.” He needs to meet and work with other quality Warriors.
-the young man feels clinicians and/or parents “just don’t get it”. Most training is done by fellow Warriors that have learned how to succeed.
-cost is a relevant concern. SofH and SofM are much less expensive than Individual counseling per hour.
-counseling is unavailable to do geographic limitations.

Use Sons of Helaman (or SofM) more than 12-steps ARP when:
-support is insufficient. Young man needs more direct training, confrontation and accountability.
-young man needs more understanding of the biological and spiritual factors he is dealing with. ARP support staff sometimes lack sufficient information
-the Young Man feels out of place because of age difference of participants -insufficient progress made in 1-2 months. Ready to increase intensity.
-ARP meetings are unavailable do to geographic limitations.

P.S. If you are aware of an adult, married man struggling with similar issues, Men of Moroni is the “grown-up” version of the SofH program.

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About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.