“It seems like I wasn’t being intense enough.”

Q5: Analyzing a Lost Battle My Weapons weren't Strong Enough (For the new reader, explanations for terms you man not understand will be clarified in the book, "Like Dragons Did They Fight".) Overall, Elder, your fighting methods are excellent. Your self analysis is very good also for someone having to do so much of your learning out in the field. Well done, fine warrior! I will make a few suggestions along with your message below: "Q1. I am fighting to become an excellent spiritual warrior so I can live my life with freedom of my addictions. I am fighting for my family, current and future. I want to be worthy of my future wife. I am fighting to not be doped up, I hate how I feel after I lose. If I give up I will become enslaved to satan and not have happiness and I will bring much grief to my loved ones. If I give up I give up my agency and salvation." Excellent answers! I can feel both the Spirit of God and Warrior Chemistry when I read your reasons. "Q2. My recent most difficult battle would have to have been yesterday after we got home from pday and playing hard all day. I was in the shower having feelings like you are only on day 1 just give in and you wouldn't be falling back to much. I won by thinking of my goal of 64 days and I am one day closer to it." Awesome. "Q3. I am keeping a daily calendar, I am on day 2. I think of it when Mr. M and P come knocking." Good. "Q4. For border patrol I do some sort of exercise in the morning and than do my morning studies. I read the dragons book, from the book of mormon, the armor book, and preach my gospel. I also do my daily captains log questions. My flag pole is my deck and my passion project is doing something nice for my companion." Very good. One suggestion. If you are not already doing so, as a missionary (or for any Warrior) I strongly recommend using 3×5 cards and memorizing scriptures that are important to YOU. You will find, almost accidentally, that the same verses will apply to your investigators. See ( http://www.lifechangingservices.org/2011/11/3×5-iron-rod-system-military-weapon/) for details. It provides an amazing, portable flag pole. "Q5. When I lost the enemy used the technique of flashing me with all kinds of thoughts and memories. The Level 5 f-it moment happened about 9:00 am friday morning after battling level 4's and level 3's all night. The retarded conversation lasted probably a good 8 hours in and out of sleep. So the Level 3's started at about 10:30 pm thursday night and we had just gone to the temple that day. Dude you have made it 9 weeks (tired of fighting, need a break) and have gone to the temple already you can give in now its ok (feel over-spiritualized, need to equalize). Dude it's dark and remember how good it feels (implying that you don't feel good without it). Dude your companion is already asleep you won't get caught (thrill of sneakiness). Dude you can't sleep it will help you sleep (Lie – you have fallen asleep every other night). Dude you don't feel good it will help you feel better for a little bit. Level 2 feelings, I am not really sure what feelings I was having before the dude moment. Probably frustration and being overwhelmed because I was sick. I had probably been fighting level 1 negative feelings for a few days before the lost battle." Amazing self analysis for someone just beginning to learn. Once you have done such a great job of writing up your 3's and 4's, look inside them for clues on feelings. See words I planted above for examples. "If you could replay the event, what could you have done to beat him? I would have stayed up reading my scriptures until I didn't feel any more sexual feelings. I did run to my flag pole and start reading out of the dragons book and I tried warrior chemistry but it wasn't working for me and I was being intense enough. The battle was to hard and I wasn't good enough at warrior chemistry to flush the chemicals out. I had prophesied a few days before that this would happen after the temple and it did." **An excellent effort. I recommend adding to your flag pole your stack of 3×5 cards. Include a card that lists the great reasons you listed above as reasons to fight. Reading scriptures often does not carry enough sharpness in moments of battle. We need sharpened pieces of the iron rod in the shape of a sword in those moments. Review a card, do 10 push ups, review a card, do 10 sit ups, review a card, do 10…. repeat until you are angry that you have to fight…this is another form of warrior chemistry. You can talk to God while you review cards and talk to Satan while you do push ups. Remind him what you are going to do the next day that will punish him for messing with you!** What drills can you do to make sure you win next time if he tries something similar? Building my warrior chemistry." "Q6. What might the enemy try in the future? What do you need to do to > be prepared for such an attack? The enemy is going to try and get me to rationalize giving in because I only have a few days of sobriety. I also might be getting a new area and companion this week and sometimes change can cause some negative feelings. I will watch for those feelings before it becomes to late." Well done! You are a fine warrior, and based on the way you write, I suspect you are a fine missionary as well. May angels attend! Maurice

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