Steps to Analyzing Lost Battles or Close calls

As you make plans for how to respond to the next Satanic attack, keep in mind the process an athletic coach and/or a boot camp instructor would use to help you prepare to win.

Steps to Preparing for your next win
and Amateur mistakes

1-identify where, when and how your opponent will strike.  There is usually a pattern, so just look at the past.  (Amateurs don’t like to go through the humiliation of reviewing the past.  This benefits the enemy.  If you don’t do some analysis on his patterns, you can’t make proper preparations.)
2-plan out a counter attack.  (Amateurs tend to tap into enthusiasm and determination, but they don’t make plans.)
3-practice your response in slow motion in your mind.  (Having a plan and practicing the plan are not the same thing.  This is also the time when you discover whether or not your plan is going to work.)
4-practice your response in real time with your body  (An Amateur will be satisfied with just imagining his response to an attack.  A professional will introduce his body to the actual experience of running to a flag pole, or a book, or a 3×5 card, or an act of service, etc. and he will actually practice it at least 3 times per day.)
5-add the final element of incorporating the emotion of the situation. (Think of a basketball player…practicing free throws.  In a quiet gym, the emotion of the situation is quiet and peaceful.  In a real game, with thousands of opposing fans behind the backboard yelling at you, with 3 seconds left in the game and your team is behind by 1 point.  Intense emotion…have to imagine it as you practice in a quiet gym.)
6-stimulate the warrior chemistry to win during practice sessions so your body, mind and emotions are all prepared (An Amateur in sports of the military might panic or freeze when the real confrontation occurs.  A professional must be ferociously determined both before the next attack and during the next attack.
7-Throughout this entire process, as did the soldiers of the Book of Mormon, pray as if it all depends on God, fight as if it all depends on you.

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.