Distraction Attraction

Distraction Attraction

Ever find yourself attracted to something/someone you should not be attracted to? 

I experienced the following conversation via Facebook messaging today with a man I have worked with before who is dealing with same-sex attraction:

He asked, “so can i ask a question?

You can ask, not sure I will have a useful response.

it’s open ended but i’ll throw it out there…why am I attracted to men? why do I feel “normal” when I’m with a man? I don’t believe in everything gay people do, but I understand the feelings.

Men are attracted to men or feel more comfortable with men for various different reasons in my experience. I would have to interview you more thoroughly in order to answer that question accurately. In the mean time, I invite you to ask the question differently, “Why am I attracted to (anything that does not advance God’s plan)?” As I get to know Satan better and better every year, I learn that he is really not that particular about what we are drawn to as long as it doesn’t help the cause. He may look for an Achillies heel to focus on, but in the end, he is not that particular. Whether it is drugs, alcohol, boys or girls, he doesn’t much care. One distraction or destruction is as good as the next.

I totally agree. It is a lonely world but I am blessed to have (son) and daughter-in-law (and soon my granddaughter) and of course, (other son). I appreciate all you have done for my family. You and Jade (Mangus) are so wonderful
thx for the answer.

I invite you to ask, “What could I shift my attraction to (in this moment) that could make the world a better place. Men in your position tend to think that the “inclinations” they have are more intense and or more deviant than my “inclinations”. Please do not make the assumption that yours is harder than mine. I stay obsessed with doing good almost all day every day in order to keep from falling off the edge. I invite you to do the same. We always need more warriors.

great advice. in fact this is something interesting…
…when i was under that house last week tearing out insulation and water-filled air ducts and getting wet and dirt and in a cramped horrible place i was working with a man i find attractive. But i noticed because i was serving this family that had been ravaged by the hurricane (Sandy on the East Coast) i was focused on working. He and talked but I didn’t feel a sexual thing at all. You might want to share that with your classes.
take care.

To the Reader.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments.  I hope all readers, especially those who might have a different distraction attraction of their own, will be a little less judgmental of those with this particular attraction issue.

Your servant, Maurice

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