It is Not a Little Skirmish

It is Not a Little Skirmish

Have you discovered that someone you love is doing some things that seem to be out of character?  Is he confused as to why he is losing control, and starting to deteriorate psychologically?  Are you suspicious that he may be having some unwanted problems?

As I worked hard to become a wise clinician, I experienced a unignorable contradiction while I was going to graduate school.  The field of study that I was working to specialize in, the field of psychology, prided itself in its thorough exploration of the origins of thoughts and feelings.  You are probably already aware of the big battle between Nature and Nurture.  Nature is the idea that we were born with the way we think and feel.  Nurture is the idea that our thoughts and feelings are the result of how we were raised.  Other factors are considered, but one factor they seemed to stay away from was a factor that I had been taught from a child was very real.  This factor is the influence on our thoughts and feelings from a Spiritual source!

We have lots of terms we use for the experience of having ideas floated into our minds from a “good” source.  There are many names used for this experience:  insight, inspiration, revelation, etc.  Unfortunately, we do not have enough words to describe the experience of having ideas, feelings, etc, tossed into our minds from the “not good” source.

As I was listening to the Teaching of the Prophets on shuffle, my mp3 player landed on Chapter 10 of President Spencer W. Kimball’s book.  He tries hard to help us to understand what is is that we are up against.  Here are a few clips from his writings:

President Spencer W. Kimball taught that the fight against Satan and his forces “is not a little skirmish with a half-willed antagonist, but a battle royal with an enemy so powerful, entrenched, and organized that we are likely to be vanquished if we are not strong, well-trained, and watchful.”

“‘Oh! how hard Satan, through his imps, tries to lead young people astray.’

“Satan is very much a personal, individual spirit being, but without a mortal body. His desires to seal each of us his are no less ardent in wickedness than our Father’s are in righteousness to attract us to his own eternal kingdom.

“To know where the danger is and to be able to recognize it in all of its manifestations provides protection.

“He is undeviating in his purposes and is clever and relentless in his pursuit of them.

“The arch deceiver has studied every way possible to achieve his ends, using every tool, every device possible. He takes over, distorts, and changes and camouflages everything created for the good of man, … so he may take over their minds….

“He analyzes carefully his problem and then moves forward diligently, methodically to reach that objective.

“He overlooks nothing that will deceive and distort

“The adversary is subtle. He is cunning. He knows that he cannot induce good men and women to do major evils immediately, so he moves slyly, whispering half-truths until he has his intended captives following him.

The Sons of Helaman program and its fellow programs, Sons of Mosiah, Eternal Warriors, and Men of Moroni, are designed to train men of all ages and in all geographic locations to understand the efforts of the Dark side and to empower our men with the ability to win this war.  Let me know if you need more information.

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