Satan hath desired you!

Satan hath desired you 
that he may sift you as wheat!

Every once in a while, I get a slight fear that I over-do my discussions about Satan and the role he plays in knocking our lives out of the path we want to choose.  Then I come across another discussion on the topic by one of our Prophets.  I was listening to the Teachings of the Presidents on shuffle this morning and it landed on President David O. McKay’s lesson #9, “Overcoming Temptation”.   Here are some highlights and some of my comments about them.

‘Let me say to you, YOUR NAME, Satan hath desired you that he may sift you as wheat, but God is mindful of you.’ [See Luke 22:31.] …
A common question I hear is, “Why is Satan targeting me?  It seems like it is harder for me than it is for other guys.”  It has been my experience that the most common characteristic among these men, both young and old, is that they are all threats to Satan.  These are the chosen generation, and these young men show signs of capabilities that I did not have at their age.

Trees that can stand in the midst of the hurricane often yield to the destroying pests that we can scarcely see with a microscope. Likewise the greatest foes of humanity today are the subtle and sometimes unseen influences at work
I see warriors who stand on the walls of their cities, vigilantly watching the horizon for enemy troops (inappropriate thoughts) while drinking water that has been contaminated by the enemy (bio-chemical attacks).   President McKay understood the need to look for new subtle Satanic strategies.  We have learned that Satan has figured out how to attack brain chemistry.  We train warriors how to catch and defeat this strategy.

In their yearning for a good time, young people are often tempted to indulge in the things which appeal only to the baser side of humanity,
It is difficult to believe President Monson when he says, “The key to happiness is to do your duty.”  When we pursue fulfilling stewardships, the ideas that come to mind do not appear to bring happiness on the surface.  So, we get tricked into asking “What would be fun to do?” which opens us up to easy Satanic attacks.

Temptation often comes in [a] quiet way.
Elder Richard Scott, in a recent conference talk, said something about trying to savor the task of a grape while eating a jalapeno pepper.  When Satan does not want to get caught, he sneaks in very quietly, often using our own voice like a ventriloquist.  Warriors have to learn to use the Spirit of Discernment to catch/notice the most subtle Satanic Attacks.

The enemy is active. He is cunning and wily, and seeks every opportunity to undermine …, and strikes wherever it is possible to weaken or to destroy.
A mistake I see warriors make is that they hope Satan is not smart.  They hope he is not cunning.  They hope if you put your fingers in your ear and hum that he will just go away.  It is not that easy.  He strikes!  This means we must learn to block and fight back.  This takes training.

Satan is still determined to have his way, and his emissaries have power given them today as they have not had throughout the centuries.
Satan and his minions are strong, numerous and skilled.  If we do not align ourselves with fellow warriors, both on this side and the other side of the veil.  “Those that be with us are more than those that be with them.”

Your weakest point will be the point at which the Devil tries to tempt you, will try to win you, and if you have made it weak before you have undertaken to serve the Lord, he will add to that weakness.

I invite all out there who find themselves losing battles more often than they wish.  If you have already tried all you can do on your own, please let us train you in methods of fighting that actually work.  Okay?

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