“Who am I now? I have given up most of my identity in an effort to make my marriage work.”

The W-O-R-T-H Group
Women of Rebirth – Therapeutic Healing


Unfortunately, many of you are finding yourselves thrust out of the lives you have dreamed of and into unwanted isolation due to the mis-behaviors of another.  In other words, sometimes, notwithstanding all of your efforts, your dreams of a successful marriage are dying or have come to an end.   You may end up going through a phase of being without a spouse.  You might already be divorced.  You might be just waiting for the paperwork to go through, but unfortunately, the time to let it end may be near.

So many unknowns start to flood into your mind and may build insecurities:
“Who am I now?  I have given up most of my identity in an effort to make my marriage work.”
“Now what do I do?  How do I relate to family, friends, and new men if necessary?”
“How do I continue to care about him but maintain good boundaries?”
“How do I avoid making the same mistakes?”
“What do I do if he blames me for things that are his fault?”
“How do I recover/heal from the damage I have experienced?”
“How do I learn to trust again?  Should I even try?”
“How do I avoid dating?” and then, “How do I date correctly if it comes to that?”
“How should I feel about my past marriage/husband?” 
“How do I handling practical issues (childcare, employment, continue education)?”
“How does God, religion, the atonement and spirituality fit into this whole experience?”

Finding other women who can relate without being opinionated or judgmental can often be hard to do.  Loved ones have a tendency to question your decisions or love you so much that they cannot be objective.  If you do find someone in a similar situation, she will probably try hard to be useful, but discussions about this life experience can often go eschew without the guidance of professional insight.

For many years, Jennifer Johnson and Maurice Harker have lead the W-O-R-T-H group, Women of Rebirth – Therapeutic Healing (www.worthgrouplcs.org).  In the WORTH group, women are experiencing empowering relationships and edifying education on what to expect and how to proceed in life.    The WORTH group meets in person and on line (confidentially).

If you are wondering if your situation is suitable for the WORTH group,

Text “WORTH” to 8016356474 or email a brief description of your experience to mwharkertherapy@gmail.com 
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Before Joining the WORTH group,
If you would like to read more about the philosophies used in the WORTH group training, on how healthy relationships should work, read:

I’m Not Okay,
You’re Not Okay,
And That’s Okay

by Maurice W. Harker
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How the WORTH group works: After pre-screening, each woman is invited into the confidential group.  Two clinicians, Jennifer Johnson and Maurice Harker, will guide and monitor the training.  Participants will be invited to share portions of their experience and will be encouraged to share things they have learned from their own studies and experience. 
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Daily: While it was a powerful experience to meet in person, we are finding that participants benefit greatly from the daily training and support.  This helps women address issues in a more timely manner.  (It also helps for those times when the crisis hits at 2 or 3:00am. ;/ )  A woman can share her concerns and usually within 24 hours other women and the group leaders will respond with useful information and insights.
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Cost:  We understand that finances are limited if a woman finds herself in this situation.  The WORTH group on-line will now only be $15 per week.  In-Person meetings are $40 for 2 hours.  Scholarship money is available, just let us know if money is a problem.

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For more information or to enroll, call Jennifer Johnson at 8015106997 or send an email to mwharkertherapy@gmail.com

To learn more about Jennifer Johnson, go to (http://www.lifechangingservices.org/2011/09/new-clinician-seeing-clients-at-life/).

To learn more about Maurice Harker, go to (http://mwHarkerTherapist.blogspot.com).

We hope our services will help you will find an ever increasing supply of personal WORTH!

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