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Men of Moroni is a self-mastery training program for adult men fighting sexual addictions.  The principles and methods used in the Men of Moroni program are a synergy of cutting edge science and Eternal Principles as taught by the LDS church.  The system is patterned after the highly acclaimed Sons of Helaman program.  Men of Moroni is more intense than 12 steps programs in that accountability and confrontation are encouraged in an edifying/brotherhood environment.  Training sessions are available on-line and in person.

We know that there is an adversary who has sworn to disrupt the “great plan of happiness” and attempts to do so by focusing his attacks on the family. In this war on the family, Satan delights in targeting its head, the husband and father, with deviously clever chemical attacks designed to bind him in chains of addiction to pornography and other sexual deviancy. Sadly, we have seen too many husbands and fathers lose sight of their all-important role as leaders and examples in their families because they have fallen victim to these satanic attacks. We have also witnessed too many families being severely wounded or even “killed” when this happens.

The originators of the Sons of Helaman addiction recovery program have developed an inexpensive training program designed to help men protect their families by teaching them important personal skills to defend against such attacks and train them to fulfill their fore-ordination as ETERNAL WARRIORS.

The Eternal Warriors: Men of Moroni participant will learn:
• Increased Spiritual/Biochemical/Emotional Discernment in order to recognize the more advanced/subtle Satanic Attacks.
• Endurance to make sure his heart, mind and spirit are strong enough to withstand the persistence of Satanic Attacks.
• Skills similar to those used by soldiers, athletes and musicians in order to be prepared for the speed of Satanic Attacks.

The Eternal Warriors: Men of Moroni training and support group provides:
• An ongoing eight-week course designed to train participants in the skills listed above.
• Participants will set and conquer 3 target behaviors to perfection.
• Participants will perfect 3 power activities each day – Pray, Write in Journal, Read Scriptures.
• Participants will be motivated by peer accountability.
• Weekly support and contact with other husbands/fathers struggling with sexual addiction.
• Daily support through participation in the email-based Google group.

The starter kit ($75) includes:
• Eternal Warriors: Men of Moroni MAN PoWeR Journal
Like Dragons Did They Fight, book by Maurice W. Harker, CMHC

• Audio and video training materials

For more information or to join the Eternal Warriors: Men of Moroni training group, please contact us via email at or call

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For the Wives:


If you are the woman who unfortunately
 finds herself in a relationship with
 a man dealing with these issues,

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About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.