How to Break the Trance

How to Break the Trance
using the Flag Pole and Passion Projects

“I feel like I just can’t get away from these inappropriate thoughts when I see….”

I remember having a similar frustration when I was fighting my way through these issues.  The story that came to mind was Joseph of Egypt and Potifer’s wife.  I feel like I could run away, but it felt like a bungie cord was attached to my back, and I would just snap back. It felt like I just couldn’t get away.

I was watching my son play at one of those blow-up toy parks.  He had a bungie on his back.  He “cheated” by running hard, then grabbing something so he wouldn’t snap back.  I realized we need to do something similar.  And the thing we can grab on to so we don’t snap back, is the iron rod, otherwise known as the Word of God.

So, here is what you do.  Use one of your MAN goals to be for the scripture memorization technique (see×5-iron-rod-system-military-weapon.html).

Keep your 3×5 cards with you at all times.  When the “fire” (temptation) hits, pull out your 3×5 cards as fast as you can, and read through them 3 times (Use the cards as an Iron Rod-Flag Pole).  On one of those cards, make a short list of important things you would rather think about (Passion Projects).  Keep a few blank cards with you so you can take notes on what you can do toward completing the Passion Projects.

I heard a quote that I think comes from Winston Churchhill, “The only thing Evil needs in order to win, is for Good to do nothing.”  I am convinced that every minute we spend distracted by these unconstructive thoughts and feelings is a minute we spend not doing miracles.  Satan is afraid of us.  He fears the good we can do when we align our power with the power of God in completing Passion Projects while holding to the Word of God.

Does this make sense?  Any questions?

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.