Learning to use the Spirit of Discernment

(The following is another lesson from one of the advanced warriors of Sons of Helaman) Alright! Well…. I have been in the Sons Of Helaman group for about 13 weeks now. On Week 9. Some of the temporal stuff that is available at the group is mocking, sarcasm and pizza if everyone does well. The group has taught me not by looking at myself, but by looking at others. I see kids in there that are Awesome. Boss. Amazing. Able to fight a battle even when the battle is disguised so perfectly it seems like an ordinary problem. There are also new members in the group that remind me of myself when I first entered. Those are the ones I learn from the most. I see them struggle and then try to help them by asking them if they tried this or if they tried this other "method", then even better, through discussion, we get to a better resolution and I get to ask myself "why havent I tried that?!" I feel that this online group can be the same way. Another thing I learned, or my mind was able to grasp (too much awesomeness sometimes at group), is that Satan hates you, he knows you, he knows your body just as much as your heart, and he will use any tactic to stimulate chemical changes to manipulate your body to become his. He disguises his voice. That felt like a revelation to me. Satan isn't stupid. Even if you want to call him that, he isn't. He has successfully used all his energy into educating himself how to drag people to Hell, even without them knowing it. I'm sure he boasts about it around the water cooler with his other minions. Kinda irritates me. A WHOLE LOT. The BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEST thing I have learned is coming to understand the "Spirit of Discernment". It is VITAL in this type of warfare against the adversary. I can go about it for a bit, however I created a small little thesis about the Spirit, the Body, and the Temple, instead! If you are interested I can copy/paste/send it to yah. I feel that this group can also be as strong as a "living" group. Looks at our Scriptures. Am I sitting down with Moses on my left and Ammon on my right once a week to talk about the Gospel. Unfortunately not, but it feels the same when they are in my hands and reading there words. So keep it real. This group is going to be awesome, especially with the Spirit. Say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.